December 29, 2009

fashionable facebook friend, featuring emily






What's on your wish list this holiday?
Acid wash jeggings, the leggings that look like jeans, Minnetonka 5 layer fringe boots, some Jeffrey Campbell oxfords, and some band t-shirts.

What was your most memorable gifted piece of clothing?
Two years ago my best friend gave me these black lamé leggings I had been obsessing over. Probably most worn gifted garment.

Who are your fashion influences?
Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, the Olsen twins, many random San Franciscans.


Who are your photography influences?
Richard Avedon and David Hamilton.

Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?
Somewhere in San Francisco being fabulous.

What is your favorite color combination?
Black and brown. Black with anything.


Where is your favorite shop spot?
Wasteland on Haight Street. They always have top vintage and super cute brand new clothing.

What are the top three tracks on your iTunes top played?
Take it Easy, Love Nothing by Bright Eyes, Never Going Back Again by Fleetwod Mac, Close to Me by The Cure

What movie is the most fashionably inspiring to you?
Welcome to the Dollhouse. When I saw this movie when I was little I thought Dawn was the bees knees. When I watched it again a few years ago I was surprised to find out she was supposed to be a loser..


What's your quick fix solution to spice up an outfit?
Messy hair, a long pendant, heels, tons of gypsy rings.

What is your recent most-worn item?
My Bowie shirt! That thing has become my security blanket. Whenever I have no idea what to wear I throw that bad boy on.


a few things i adore about emily:
1. ever changing hair... and it's always cute
2. her make up expertise (i need a lesson)
3. non-conventional way of dressing popular items, patterns & textures
4. her confidence- an essential trait of a fashionista

Do you have any questions for emily?
Post a comment and I'll ask :)

I am now lurking through my facebook fans to feature the fashionable ones.
It's this new idea I'd like to start using for new posts... not just about myself because you can only have so much of me.

Become a fan of Fresh Influence on facebook so I can feature you!

xo esb

19th and Valencia

I ran away yesterday.
I packed my bags, drove to the next town, left my car in a parking lot, walked to the train, took the train to Bart and ran away to the city.


When I got into the mission, I met with some friends and we shopped. A lot. Did some REAL thrifting for once in a very long time. Thrifting in the city is a lot more successful than thrifting in the suburbs, you just have to be patient.

Thrifted DKNY denim dress; f21 button up & gray dress (not visible); uo leather lace-ups; gifted scarf, bag (made out of ties) & beanie; aldo tights


Later that night, a very special person offered me shelter for the night. She and her trendy friend had identical urban outfitter boots. Urban Outfitters is taking over the world... I haven't decided if that's a good thing yet.


Don't worry darlings, I'm home safe now :)

My best find that day ($6.75):


These shoes got me even more excited for New Year's. I think I'm going to be super 1999 and dress in all purple or something. Go really over the top. Have you seen American Apparel's new promo on New Year's like it's 1999? There are some really cute ideas on the site. Why don't more people dress up for this holiday?- it's a great way to start the New Year.
I think couples should dress to match. Girls should be in sequins and boys in bow-ties and everyone needs someone to kiss at midnight. Sorry if this philosophy depresses you single ladies, but maybe it will inspire you to dress to impress and make it that much easier to find a cutie when the clock strikes twelve.
He doesn't have to be your boyfriend, or even a friend. Truth is- everyone wants a New Year's kiss. If you see a cute boy alone and only 10 seconds remain until 2010- consider him fair game. You both want it.
New rule in the book of girl rules: if you aren't with your boyfriend on New Year's, it's all right if he gives someone else a kiss. Agree, ladies? And what do you think fellas? It's just a kiss :D

December 28, 2009


Thrifted & altered dress; aldo oxfords; target tights & cap; aa long sleeve body suit

This is the cutest little mini dress I've got and it was perfect for a date downtown San Francisco. I had the chance to see the cast of Wicked ice skating in Union Square where green light was reflecting on the ice. It was pretty cool I guess. The ice skaters weren't very talented on the ice, but one managed to fall and it was pretty funny.


Then a little birthday party for a friend, where some asshole blew out her birthday candles before she got the chance. Don't worry, we recreated the experience for her.


I took a "Minnie" shot with my friends in celebration for her birthday. Isn't this the cutest little shot glass you've ever seen? And somewhat inappropriate? Tee hee.

Can't wait for New Years Eve, it's one of my favorite holidays and I love to dress for it, no matter how lame my plans are.

December 21, 2009

The movement against bimbos

Had to share
this post from Hello, my name is Jessica.

"How many times have you heard a guy say his ex-girlfriend is crazy, an airhead or psycho?

Maybe if you men took note of certain indicators pointing to crazy, airhead or psycho, you wouldn't end up in a blunder of bad relationships making you quiver just thinking about them.

Never trust a girl who:

Has children who call you Daddy upon the first meeting. Clearly she told them you're the new father. Prepare for a phone call from Maury producers if you keep it past date three and then try to break it off.

Says she's over her ex-boyfriend...of last month. No way. They dated for how long she said? Two years? You're definitely the rebound. She's trying to get over him and make him jealous by posting status updates all over her Facebook about you; followed with a thousand hearts.

You mention that you don't want a commitment right now, but want to keep that "special something" you two share in which she sheepishly agrees. Right.

Don't for a second believe she didn't already think of you as her boyfriend in her head, plan on introducing you to her friends and family as well as formally announcing herself "in a relationship;" on social networks that is. Prepare for a Fatal Attraction bunny boiling bitch in your kitchen; don't keep someone around who isn't on the same page (signs pointing to the end of a romance novel? A deeply hesitant "oh, me too," and an unsuccessful try at concealing teary eyes).

She scares all the children at one of your family gatherings with an unasked for re-enactment of the monkeys in
The Wizard of Oz. As they run, so should you. That's not normal.

She knows everything about you before you told her. Thank Facebook. She should be as surprised as Macaulay culkin when he is left home alone as you tell her you're a Texan native fresh out of the Peace Corpes.

Laughs at everything you say because she has a "morbid" sense of humor. Sure, knock knock jokes are funny but not your missing dog. No one is
that soul-less.

Her entire TiVo history is nothing but
The Hills and The City. Ask her who our vice president is.

The last book she read was Cosmopolitan.

She checks herself out in toasters, knives, black computer screens and the back of
your iPod. The nerve. She cares more about herself than your existence as she throws her coat on you before dinner mistaking you for a doorman.

She thinks your paycheck is her new Coach purse. Life is not a Coach purse honey; get a job and stop being so tasteless.

You've never seen her eat. Everyone eats. Don't fall for the: but I have a weird condition, I don't eat food, I just drink water. She is a liar. Invite her on a camping trip and see how long she goes before passing out.

Whatever reason you keep crazy pants around--maybe she's good in bed or she's pretty to look at--it's not worth having to change your phone number and join the witness protection program when things go awry. Trust me."

Thank you, Jessica!

December 16, 2009

Can't stop

I have a serious problem going holiday shopping. All I ever do is shop for myself!
Just kidding though, I'm really almost done with holiday shopping, thank goodness!
Got these for $30 at f21. Delivered today. Obsessed. Wearing them tomorrow. Will post outfit.
I guess I'll have to put the black aldo ankle bootie wedges on hold for a while, I have so many pairs of shoes!
I like these because they aren't too loose at my ankle. So I can wear them with shorts or skirts and not look sickly skinny! :D

December 11, 2009

Russian head



aa shiny leggings; thrifted ugly sweater & coat; target cap; blowfish boots; urban sweatshirt bag

Rainy weather lately. I remember last year we had an entire month of rain. I'm on the lookout for cute rain boots. Any suggestions? These boots above are made of canvas. Warm in the weather... but not waterproof.
Finals are next week! Buuutttt I took a study break Friday night and went to sushi with some co-workers.
When I had to get ready, I had been hibernating in bed for a few hours, so getting dressed was super tough. Hence, the comfy sweater.
I originally got this sweater for an "ugly sweater" holiday party I hosted last year. I have been secretly in love with it ever since, and finally have the no-care-attitude to wear it in public. It's so comfortable!
I have been desperate for some faux fur in my life. Luckily I moseyed into Target and stumbled upon this cap. So satisfied! It was only $15. I like it because I can wear fur without looking too Baby Phat. A lot of people have been calling the cap nerdy or stupid or whatever- I don't care I love it and I'm warm! Seeing a pattern here?
BTW- Sorry my friend is such a poor photographer :P

The real influence

Hey to new followers!! Up until recently, friends and family were my only followers.
Now that I'm receiving all this lovely attention from outsiders, it's time to introduce myelf.


Where it comes from
The first fashion experience that sticks out in my mind happened circa 2005. I had just started high school and was excited to grow into the person I was going to be for the next four years. A lot of people already knew me, but I felt like I didn't know me. My individuality really grew through two pathways: working hard at my extracurriculars (dance, cheer, yearbook, environmental club, school newspaper, advanced classes) and what I wore to school. Let me back up, I attended a private school for most of elementary, going to public school was a heavenly gift to my creative mind.
Anyway- back to 2005- I hated the sight of Uggs (managed to find a substitute). But I still liked the idea of wearing skirts in the winter... so my immediate solution was legwarmers (I'm on the right). Yes, I was the first to wear legwarmers to school. I got a lot of funny looks and hollow compliments for it. ,The negative responses didn't shake my confidence too bad- so I went with it. I even started a bit of a trend! But don't worry, I converted to anti-legwarmer with age.

Blog name
My entire life I have lived in the suburbs- I'm just another teenybopper! By the time I was sixteen I was planning on attending college far away- somewhere warm, welcoming, and diverse. I believed that my surroundings were not fit for a fashion enthusiast and hoped to find a big city where I could venture into the public eye with my individual style and study my chosen major- journalism. I claimed to my family that I was in need of some new inspiration- some fresh influence.
I chose Arizona State's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. What a mistake! It's a super-suburb! The journalism classes were good though. Anyhow, went home after my first semester and I'm here now, at community college, until I am accepted to a California State School in Fall 2010.

My lately
In community college I worked as the paper's editor in chief and had that experience for six months. Shortly after that I took a short break from school and worked as a Store Manager for American Apparel.
I'm still going to school part-time, where I take journalism classes, and some dance classes.
Now I am studying journalism at San Francisco State University while living in the city.
I'm also interning for a sex & relationships podcast called Sex With Emily (it has changed my life & it will change yours!).

My rules
So sheer, so chic.
Better to overdress than underdress.
Showing bras: not okay! Unless it's a black or nude lacy bra under a sheer fabric. No peeking bras! More here.
In the winter- no bare legs. Tights were invented for a reason- to make short skirts look seasonally appropriate.
No Uggs! EVER! I have these quilted boots that I'm too embarrassed to even wear to the supermarket!
Avoid the zip-up hoodie. I know it's convenient... but try to resist its fleecy goodness.
Easiest ways to polish an outfit: add a hat, scarf, jewelry, showy purse or red lipstick
No extra length, extra distressed jeans. I'm not quite urban enough for that.
Keep within a three shade pallet. Usually, two neutrals and a color. Mix and match for fun.
Footless leggings with flats are only allowed in warm weather. Footless tights are haggard/very difficult to achieve.

So basically
I use this blog to combine all of the above, share my personal style and other styles that I like with you. Sometimes I post inspirational photos because photography is my secret lover. I also do quite a few posts on music, playlists, songs, ect. I am a music snob. I will push my music down your throat and force you to swallow it. I apologize in advance.

Why I like you
Share all your ideas, feedback, music & blog suggestions, crazy stories, trend ideas, anything-- with me

December 9, 2009

Plan your week according to icing

Thursday 10th December
Have a Japanese feast! Invite a friend over to make sushi if you’re so inclined, or if you tend to be more disaster & less
DIY when it comes to the kitchen, order from your favourite Japanese restaurant. Eat cross-legged on the floor while watching a great movie. Battle Royale, Ichi the Killer or Kamikaze Girls are all excellent choices!

Best blog- ever.

December 3, 2009

Oh, December!



cheap mondays, banana republic sweater ($40 on sale!); aa circle scarf & deep v tee; aldo oxfords

I saw my breath this morning and couldn't stop complaining about how cold I was. I was wearing socks and a cardigan with this and was still freezing- time to beef up for cold weather!
It's still beautiful outside. Everyone is getting excited about winter- but it's not officially winter until the 21st guys! No worries- I created a fresh playlist to get you in the holiday spirit! Winter music suggestions are welcome!
What's your favorite winter or holiday song?
So whenever holiday sales are going on- we all shop for ourselves instead of our families and friends. Then Christmas is already going to be next week! I think that is the very reason there is a surge of last minute shopping. It's not that we weren't shopping for gifts- we just buy most for ourselves before others. And that's okay- as long as everyone looks fabulous.

Here's a list of ideas for gifts: candles; holiday/pretty socks (just got some betsey ones for myself at marshalls!); scarves; mix cd's; jelly bellies; see's candies; hot cocoa mix; stationary; f21 accessories; slippers; pack of hello kitty undies!!; television seasons on dvd (the oc, bones, scrubs, 30 rock, i hear dexter is popular); print photos for all your friends & give them in frames; light up shot glasses

December 1, 2009

Glam it up

aldo textured tights layered on top of grey tights
f21 headband; mac's russian red

I have been shopping for myself.. and a little bit for others :)
Love it. Love the holidays. Love the lipstick.
Someone said this headband was very "Blaire" from Gossip Girl.
I should really start watching that show because minus the lame drama-
it displays some impressive fashion!
Ignore the messy hair... I'm on it.

Did anyone watch this on Thanksgiving? IT WAS DIVINE!

November 28, 2009

You and your brassiere

Please, no more peeking bras.
See through tops with neutral lacy bras, I'm cool with that.
Bathing suits peeking out of spaghetti straps, all right, maybe.

But I see pictures of these sad little girls at parties
They think their rhinestone/lace/mermaid green bras
peeking out of their top
"sexy," "cute," "matchy," "sassy..."

I have no idea what these girls are thinking
But If you were confused whatsoever:

It's tacky.

If the top is low enough to see your bra:
don't wear one
get a low cut bra
layer with a ruffle top
layer with any top
fix it- period

Oh, & don't even get me started on bra straps with tube tops!

I don't care if it was "an accident," no excuses.
Keep it classy, ladies. Even if you're not a classy lady.

November 26, 2009

Gobble gobble I'm not original

Thrifted dress, penny loafers; h&m cardigan; urban pocket watch; aa tights




My nieces, Angelina (5) and Evelyn (3) are the cutest things ever, right?

Oh, and my ma's Paula Dean!

Accidental color coordination

aa velvet dress, sheer tights; vintage cap & necklace; f21 tights; thrifted liz claiborne pumps

Went out to dinner with some co-workers and friends for Jesse's birthday! He's the one in the Lady Gaga crown- duh.
Jesse helped me realize I need some fur in my life, so I'm on the prowl for a fur cap or coat.
Love my velvet dress for the holiday season. Can't wait to have my dinner parties.
I need to start thinking about a New Years dress, my favorite!

We went to dinner at this place called Coda on Mission in San Francisco.
There's a live jazz band and one crazy woman dancing. So fun.


I had mixed greens in balsamic dressing ($6.oo)
Potato bud seared scallops in a cauliflower puree ($11.oo)
Fried sweet potatoes ($4.75)


Birthday boy in his birthday suit with some fashionistas. Aren't they cute!
I love the buckled bootie heels, zipper bustier and textured tights.
And I see not one, but two old-fashioned key necklaces.

All for now,


November 25, 2009

"Are you going to name this post 'smooth criminal?'"

thrifted blazer, penny loafers, belt; cheap monday pants; aa bodysuit, cableknit socks; f21 hat, broach

Hello, belly button.
Thanks to my sister for taking this photo!

Got the "Russian Red" lipstick at Mac today. I'm finally taking steps toward buying nice make-up.
Went to the mall today (ugh). Tried to buy a pair of studded oxfords I've been eyeing at Aldo for a few weeks.
They didn't have my size in-store so I ordered a pair- can't wait until they come!
I also bought two pairs of Aldo tights and one from F21, plus a holiday satin headband and the broach shown above.
I need to accessorize!

Thanksgiving! Baked a pecan and sweet potato pie tonight.
Can't wait for the turkey, mashed potatoes, pies & FOOTBALL (on a new television) !!!

Holiday outfits are the best!

November 23, 2009

All my life I pray for someone like you

Went to karaoke with my co-workers and friends.


F21 denim; American Apparel halter bodysuit, sheer calf-high polka-dot socks; Marshalls Oxfords; thrifted jewelry
It's been freezing outside so I wore a jacket, not shown.

I was disappointed when I chose "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival and there was a silent rally among my friends. Come on guys, if you don't know who CCR is, we may have to re-evaluate our friendship!!

Most popular tracks from karaoke night with my diva co-workers:
Reflection- Mulan/Christina Aguilera
You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
The Real Slim Shady- Eminem
Material Girl- Madonna
All My Life- K-Ci & Jojo
The Thong Song- Sisqo
Air Force Ones- Nelly
Call Me- Blondie

Video coming soon!


November 18, 2009


Life recently posted the sexiest men of the 50's, 60's & 70's. Here are a few of my favorite photos.
Feast your eyes!:

Kirk Douglas
He gave us the sexiness I name Michael Douglas- thanks, Kirk.

Robert Mitchum
Plays a great cowboy in "El Dorado"

Steve McQueen (with his wife)
Who said marriage can't stay sexy?

John Travolta
He was sexy in his youth. Now I guess he's funny. I'm always on the lookout for my very own Danny Zuko.
(Am I comparable to the great Sandie? Maybe. I can be a little bad.. wear some zipper high-waisted leggings..)

Gene Kelley
Countless favorite musical performances- "Summer Stock" is one with Judy Garland (♥)

Does black and white photography one up the sexy factor? I'd like to say yes.
Who will be the sexiest men of our generation?
Plz don't JUST say Robert Pattinson.

I promise, I will post fashion soon. School= drool.

November 9, 2009

Behind the music

Before I post a new winter/christmas/holiday/rainy day playlist, I thought I'd give you some explanation behind the music I have posted.

1. Ghetto Love- Spinerette
This song is always playing at my work and my coworkers and I became addicted to the song. American Apparel plays VivaRadio and you can listen from home! Some of my favorite playlists come from Maxwell Williams, Subbacultcha!, Mae... Just Mae, Nate Walton & Nathan Brown.

2. Be My Baby- The Ronettes
I was obsessed with Dirty Dancing when I was younger, duh. I would always identify with Baby because she had big hair and a big nose.

3. Hungry Eyes- Eric Carmen
Rest in peace, Johnny Castle.

4. Kiss the Devil- Eagles of Death Metal
My girl Veronica played this for me when I took a visit to Long Beach.

5. Just My Imagination- The Temptations
Always reserve a track on your playlist for the oldies'. It will be a guaranteed success.

6. It's Five- Architecture in Helsinki
I have loved this song throughout all of my teenage years, it doesn't get old.

7. Raindrops- Basement Jaxxx
Another favorite at my work, Jesse and I sing all the time.

8. Dance, Dance, Dance- Lykke Li
I recently bought and iTouch and I engraved lyrics to this song on the back! "I was a dancer all along/ dance, dance, dance" Can't help but "trip on my feet" when I listen to this song. And I am a dancer- so I feel a deep connection. Have you seen the collaboration with Bon Iver? Yum.

9. Such Small Hands- La Dispute
Do you love MewithoutYou? I do. You'll love this band as well. His voice is so sexy.

10. Absinthe Party- Minus the Bear

11. Shit Luck- Modest Mouse
Get down to this song- thrash.

12. Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson
Rest in peace, MJ. The MJ jacket is becoming very popular, check it out on Nana in Los Angeles. Adorb!

13. In for the Kill- La Roux
Another VivaRadio favorite.

14. Pale Blue Eyes- The Velvet Underground
I made a mix for this boy recently, and this was one of the tracks- he has lovely blue eyes :)

15. The Lady is a Vamp- The Spice Girls
When was the last time you watched SpiceWorld? GO WATCH IT NOW! Thank goodness for Netflix Instant.

16. Stay By My Side- Good Old War
A boy sent me this song recently, I fell in love with the album. Very homey and good-feeling. It was nice to watch the video of them standing around and singing on a rooftop in Cali.

17. I've Just Seen a Face- Across the Universe Soundtrack
Love this movie, love Jim Sturgess, there's something sexy about a man that can sing.

18. Never Ever- All Saints
Another Viva track- I love the 90's.

19. Sway- Peter Cincotti
Saw a couple dance to this song- I melted. I think it was in a Brittany Murphy movie.

20. Inmates- The Good Life
I can relate to this song. Got to love great lyrics.


Leave me suggestions of all your favorite holiday/winter songs!

November 8, 2009

Totes Oxford twins

American Apparel high-waisted shorts, long sleeve v bodysuit, sash around neck, beret, polka dot calf socks; thrifted loafers, blazer & belt/ On Jesse: American Apparel button up, cardigan, peacot, slacks, beret, seedstitch tie & glasses

Worn on Black Friday to "support the gays," Jesse and I showed up to work feeling a little bit London for a day. Jesse is one of my co-workers and I ultimately trust him when it comes to fashion advice. He's studying Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute in SF. He helps me with a lot of the store merchandising and he's always my voice of reason of going too overboard ("you should probably take off those glasses") or too under-board ("why aren't you wearing a push-up bra with that?").
Jesse is a lot of fun- he should really have a blog because he goes on crazy adventures and is always at the happening spots in San Francisco. If you want to get to know him or peek at all his happenings, follow his twitter.

Later that night, some coworkers and I went to a hookah bar nearby, Tarboosh. Where I ate tasty beef kebabs and hummus, and attempted to learn how to belly dance- go figure. There was live music and many diverse people singing along in Arabic and clapping. I was all about it- so much fun!


All for now,
<3 esb