May 31, 2010







aa zipper pants, lace tee, nude bra, hairbow, nail lacquer; steve madden wedges

Hope you enjoyed a day off, Memorial Day has really lost its original purpose.
Instead of commemorating the soldiers that die fighting, people go shopping. And I am their slave.

Last dance, last chance for love

Photobucket thrifted sequin crop top; aa disco pants; bp jean jacket; steve madden wedges
Saturday nights at the Redwood Roller Rink are "Disco Skate" themed.
They play corny disco songs like Last Dance by Donna Summer and my personal favorite, September by Earth Wind and Fire.
They turn off the house lights and turn on the disco nights, and kids come to skate the night away.
Should be told, it's somewhat of a workout and also really fun with a open-minded group of friends.
Photobucket Photobucket
Excuse the poor quality of my camera phone pictures.
Wish I had more pictures of the rollerdisco to share with you! This won't be my last visit so I've got to brainstorm for more outfit ideas.
We stopped in a sketchy part of town to pick up some beverages, which is where my photo was taken.
Not going to lie- once I took the skates off, I felt like CholaGaga wearing this!

May 25, 2010


Thrifted lace, pants, shoes, satchel; AA tights; f21 earrings; Nars lip colour

This is the ultimate thrift outfit. That sounds so snobby and dumb but these pieces are a few of my favorite thrift finds.
I found the long sleeve lace tee at Thriftown on Mission Street.
The high-waisted pants were a treasure from Wasteland. As were the flats (gift from my sister).

I really love this outfit, as "outdated" and "90's mommy" it may be.
It is more important to feel great and love what you're wearing than dress to impress your society and/or peers. That's the beauty behind fashion. You are out to impress yourself. I am constantly challenging myself to create looks that inspired me.


I bought tickets to see Wicked with my ma for Mother's Day. We celebrated rather late but with finals and whatnot, the timing was perfect. My mother and I made a real trip out of it. We rummaged through her closet and picked this nice ensemble for her to wear. She doesn't go "out on the town" very often so we got quite giddy putting outfits together.

When I look at this picture, I see that my mother has really influenced my personal style. Penny loafers, linen pants, button-up shirts, the floral fabric she uses for quilting.. her taste is reflected in my style. I used to hate to admit that she influenced me, but now I am happy to say it! My mom is one of my best friends! She is cute and dainty and the most patient and valuable shopping buddy.

Go thank your mom for her fashion advice! Whether she used to your buy clothes for you (boys), or lay out your outfits every day (girls), she helped you become the confident fashion-oriented person you are today!

Oh! If you haven't seen Wicked already, go see it at the Orpheum Theater in SF before it is too late- you won't regret it!

May 24, 2010

Finally finals!



AA tights, dress, cardi; nine west purse; bongo oxfords

The truth is out! These oxford heels are Bongo and I got them for $20 at Marshalls a few seasons ago.
I am so trashy white girl wearing Bongo heels, but whatevs. They are cute!

So cheers to another day of finals [done]. That is most definitely the reason for my stale facial expressions in recent posts. Philosophy essay final was today at 8am and I nailed it! Consider me the guru of philosophy (not really, not at all). But I can tell you the three classical proofs of God's existence are BOGUS. Sorry to all you believers, I don't mean to offend you. But if you look up the ontological, cosmological and teleological arguments that "prove" God exist, you will probably laugh too.

Back to fashion. Go to Marshalls. Go to TJ Maxx. Try it. What do you have to lose? Finding a good pair of shoes in unexpected places feels like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It's that good. Plus in the end, you have "fashion secrets." Tee hee.

Good luck to all of you that have tests coming up. I have faith in you!
Now, enough procrastinating, I need to finish this term paper :(


May 23, 2010

les miserables



thrifted sweater, cv shorts; aa socks; denim keds; nine west purse- tjmaxx

Okay so it was sunny when I went to school.
And then it rained as I drove home from school.
Plus sleep deprivation.
Hence, miserable.

Either way I'm liking the whole socks and keds look. Not to mention it's actually comfortable.
Sock tans are the new flip flop tans. I am more than willing to jump on this bandwagon. I hate feet!

PS did you notice I'm a maxxinista!

May 5, 2010

Wanted: Spring blazers!


aa tights, shorts; thrifted tee, blazer; aldo oxfords

The color of this blazer is very autumny, I wish I could find something similar in a mint, pink or baby blue.
All I can find is grey, tan, navy and white.

I'm considering these from f21:

lavendar satin

green/creme striped cotton

Of course Topshop has a lot of cute ones out of my price range. Blegh.
Let me know if you have any ideas!
E-mail me,
Or leave a comment :)

May 4, 2010

Socks with everything


Thrifted loafers, DKNY denim jumper; AA socks; gap cardigan; hand-me-down schoolbag from my grandmother

I apologize for the myspacey picture. It was taken in the locker room at school before I changed clothes for dance rehearsal.
How shameful.

If socks weren't considered an accessory before, they should be now.

Tis the season for ankle and calf high socks.
I'm over the strappy sandal look- I'd rather have a high top tan line than a flip-flop one.
I make a point to avoid sandals. Really. I don't know why, it could be that I am disgusted at the sight of feet.
But either way, I have not met a strappy sandal that I liked.
This summer my footwear will consist of kittie-heels, loafers, oxfords and keds. All with socks.
Frilly socks, ankle socks, calf-high socks, knee-high socks. Most I have found at AA so far, and some Betsey ones at TJ Max :)

May flowers



uo boots; aa tights; f21 skirt; swapped sweater; thrifted top

April showers bring may flowers.