December 1, 2009

Glam it up

aldo textured tights layered on top of grey tights
f21 headband; mac's russian red

I have been shopping for myself.. and a little bit for others :)
Love it. Love the holidays. Love the lipstick.
Someone said this headband was very "Blaire" from Gossip Girl.
I should really start watching that show because minus the lame drama-
it displays some impressive fashion!
Ignore the messy hair... I'm on it.

Did anyone watch this on Thanksgiving? IT WAS DIVINE!


Aurora said...

wow, pretty eyes.

Jasmin said...

Nice headband. I bought a feather one for myself today :) You really should watch Gossip Girl but I'll warn you it's horribly addictive.

esb said...

so happy to have my blue eyes
f21 is probably equally addicting, especially when it comes to cheap, gaudy accessories. we are in trouble.

thanks for the comments ladies!

henry miller said...
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Maya Alysse said...

Heyyy girl!
It's Maya/11centz if you don't know! I LOVE this outfit, especially the headband and layered tights, i'll definitely be trying that out!