May 31, 2009

Your favorite tour guide

Like the new banner? I do. It came from this day of photographs (obviously). Flannel is so fun.
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flannel: thrifted
black denim: levi's
black thermal: aa
tassel boots: aldo

My sister's boyfriend's friends from Detroit were visiting SF and my sister and I had the pleasure of giving them the grand tour.
It was a crazy day, we went from Pier 39 to the Palace of Fine Arts to Ocean Beach to crepes. If anyone hasn't made the trip to California's Bay Area, plan to make it as soon as possible. This is really one of the world's most beautiful cities. Anyway, here are some fun photos from the day:

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May 29, 2009

What sign are you? You should know.

Was at a kickback the other night. Fooling around with my camera and here's the outfit of the night. I was originally wearing something else, but you know how fun it is to comb through your friend's closet. All my friends are home for the summer and it's going to be fun times all around.

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plaid top (borrowed): old navy
jean skinnies: target
black boots: gifted (from same friend!)

Sorry, the photo is kinda funny, I was messing with micro.

May 28, 2009

Oh, Cincinnati, OH

One of my co-workers is leaving! I'm actually replacing her once she moves back to Cincinnati, yay for my promotion, boo for a losing her to Ohio.
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American Apparel:
black drawstring dress
tri-athletic gray tank top

white gladiator sandals (tj maxx)
cute scarf around the ankle!
nice tan (weekend camping at a lake)

You have now seen two pairs of cute shoes from Marshalls/TJ Maxx on my blog. Remember the cute brown victorian booties I got from Marshalls? Thought I'd ice the cake here with this video, it's a commercial I'm sure you all have seen but I crack up every time!:

This day was a gift

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creme sequined polyester bubble top (tucked in): charlotte russe
5-button high-waisted jeans: f21
wistful opaque over-the-knee cable knit socks: aa
brown victorian booties: marshalls

I guess I'm sort of giving in to the high-waisted phenomena. A bit too late, I'm sure.
These pants are pretty forever-21 typical, and I'm not totally into that.
The back side is a little underwhelming, maybe I can reform them.
I thrifted them for ten dollars and decided to give them a chance. I guess I'm willing to research my wearing of them from now on.

Today was my last final, and an all-you-can-eat luncheon with my newspaper staff. It was too much fun. I wish everyone could have made it. Here is a pretty funny photo of the group:
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The sometimes unwanted attention short-shorts

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Another day at American Apparel:
black deep v tee shirt
black high waisted side-zipper twill shorts
wistful opaque over-the-knee cable knit socks
black boots (gifted from a bffl)

I wore a jean jacket over this outfit on my way to work. So 90's. And it doesn't bother me. 
Once I left work, however, to go to school.. my shorts felt too small and I was a little ashamed. 
I may get another pair one size up to wear in public. 
Sorry about that second photo, I thought it was going to turn out a lot cooler looking. Now I see it so big, it looks sort of pathetic.
But you GOTTA love the side zippers :D But, I warn you, don't unzip them- it looks too silly.

May 25, 2009

Primp and pamper

This is a rather silly and non-conventional post. I got my hair cut a few weeks back. I love the way my hair feels after a hair-cut. So I went on this hair-model-photobooth-frenzy and these were some of my favorites. I don't wear my hair straight often, mostly because it takes too long and is just torture for my hair's health. I was considering letting my natural (ashy blond) color grow in... but it's almost impossible and I hate that strange in-between time where my hair would be half blond half brownish red or whatever. So next step: blond highlights to let my real color shine! The last photo reflects my longing to be able to flip my hair back and have it look perfect. How pathetic! Excuse the silly faces:

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When I surf the blogs, I get pretty sick of feeling so insignificant next to these girls that look like models. I'm always looking for something raw, something I can relate to. Something easily accessible. So, if you share these wishes, I think this post is pretty raw. I have never really longed to model, I'd rather be a person that you can relate to and gain ideas from. So please, feel free to give pleasant feedback, tell me what you'd like to see, or what you don't want to see. I'm happy to get a better understanding of your cravings.
Btw- the flag of this blog is a little misleading, yes? That's another project for after finals.

May 23, 2009

Coming to an academic end

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skinny black, faded, side-zip denim: old navy
black long sleeve: old navy
black sexualitank: aa
silky printed scarf: vintage, gifted
brown victorian bootie heels: 20$ at marshalls :D
ivory rose studs: f21
haircut: $5 at cosmetology

Posts have been scarce due to final exams and my newspaper's last deadline. But like I said, Fresh Influence will be booming with posts this summer. I plan on featuring guests and get-ups from the streets of the city. 
I love wearing black. I know I promised to stay away from all black, but it's easier said than done. All black with a boost of color or pattern is really becoming my essence. 
Posts with sweetheart and new shoes will be up. I think I'll just fake the outfit so I can show you guys, because opportunities to wear it out are slim. Throw a party, invite me, and I promise to wear it (if the occasion is appropriate, of course). I'm hoping my social life with revive this summer- hence, "hawt" outfits will be on the rise.
I am still DESPERATE to see X-Men. Everyone seems disappointed, but how could that be? Hugh Jackman is one of the sexiest men alive!

May 18, 2009

Disco shorts: disappointing.

I was hoping they would fit like this:

But really, they fit like this:

See the difference of exposed butt cheek? I was hoping they would fit me like the navy ones, just below the butt cheek.
My store finally got the black ones today, the smalls are ridiculously small, so the mediums fit me. They fit above the butt (at least on me) and the front crotch is a little more upward angle than straight across the thigh, ya feel me?
I wa so excited about these shorts, now I'm SO disappointed!
Please, let me know if they fit you differently. I'd love to see these in a successful outfit. I mean, I'm sure I could pull them off, but I'd rather not expose my bum. 
When I tried them on, one of my co-workers said: "Ah girl-- When you're wearing those shorts-- I can see into the future. And you are PREGNANT!" I didn't get it at first (as usual because I'm so slow with witty jokes), now I think its HILAR!

May 17, 2009

Oh, those summer nights

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sea blue interlock pencil skirt: american apparel
black floral blouse: target (on sale!)
heather gray spaghetti tank top: target
braided leather sandals: thrifted gift from sister

I know, I know. I am in love with the interlock pencil skirt! There's so many ways to wear it. I was considering tucking in the blouse and wearing the skirt little bit longer. It looked SO cute but the heat was overwhelming and this wear was a lot more breezy and cool. The weather hit the 90's today, I love this heat! It makes me miss Arizona a lot, but I'm guessing AZ hit the hund-o's today.
It's nice to mix my work clothes with other clothing I can't wear to work. I'm on the look-out for more blouses to match with this skirt. I'll probably get another color of interlock skirt as well.
I bought the black sweetheart dress and wore it with my new wedges this weekend, I'm sorry I missed any photo ops! Don't worry, another night will come and I'll be sure to take the picture.
Finals are starting this week and go until next week. After that, I plan to blog many times a week, so stick around!

Are my photos boring you? I think half the fun of fashion blogs is seeing the outfit— the other half is seeing where the outfit is work. I'll work on that for you guys. Anything to please my readers :D

Thanks for following my blog, and share Fresh Influence with your fashionista friends!

May 11, 2009

Because I can

As I was online shopping, I came across these shoes. They reminded me of an old pair from high school that I never wear anymore. So here is my next project! I am going to spray paint and bowtie an old pair of plain black peep-toes from target to create these cuties. Wish me luck!

On the list of to-buys

It's fun working at my store because it gets really slow and we try things on to research fitting.

Black high-waisted twill zip up shorts and black on black sweetheart dress. Both fit me perfectly. Plus- notice they are both black! Of course. 
I love short shorts. There's a new two-tone sweetheart dress: mint on creme- check it out its sooo cute but it hasn't arrived at my store yet. I feel like this is the next two-tone dress fad. Who can forget the two-tone fitted mini dress? Everyone had one of those, except me.

PS my new shoes came- I'm wearing them today (it was a bitch to walk to class) I'll post the outfit sometime. Now back to class :D
The back of my knee is burnt- ouchie!

May 7, 2009

Two in love can make it

I adore Kiera. And the song. Sounds like I need to get a whiff of Chanel this summer :D

I love those jazz squares

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black rose earring studs: f21
black Ron tee-shirt: thrifted
DIY denim short shorts: earl jean, thrifted
braided leather belt: borrowed from ma
floral fishnet tights: gift? no idea.
black thigh high socks (hidden): aa
black button-up booties: blowfish
bowler hat: borrowed from senior staff writer

My senior staff writer from one of the previous entires always comes in with a different hat. I'm falling in love and am totally inspired to go on a hat search in all of my future shopping sprees. (One that does not hide my eyebrows-- thanks, Louise!) 
Here is another staffer stealing his style:

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and again, Kimberley is so adorable:

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I'm also all about black, I can't help myself! 
I got a lot of compliments for the Harry Potter tee shirt (yes, i'm obsessed) and the fishnets, I wish I knew where I got them! I've been waiting for the right chance to wear them and this was finally it. 
I'm all about shorts and dresses. I don't like covering up my legs so I'm prone to wear short shorts or dresses. I'll layer on some tights if it's too cold to go bare legged. That's just my personal preference, what's yours?

Still waiting on those new wedges, the weather is starting to get nice and I can't wait to wear a summery set of heels. 

Minnie in a mini

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was working earlier this day. American Apparel:

sea blue interlock pencil skirt (worn as dress)
white tee shirt
gray thigh high socks
silver long sleeve cardigan

obnoxious oversized sweater (thrifted)
tassle boots: aldo

Don't ask about Minnie Mouse, I was just feelin' it. 
I'm so sorry the photo is blurry, we had technical difficulties. 
The sweater in the second photo was bough for my ugly sweater Christmas party and I wanted another excuse to wear it. I'm secretly in love with it! It's comfortable and soft and warm and hideous. 

What do you think:
Is the sweater hideous or wearable?

May 4, 2009

Spring for all ages

A senior staff writer at my newspaper
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His fashion sense is delightful and refreshing.

Sisterly love in the workplace

Meet my sister!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For a few months we were working at American Apparel at the same time, it was so much fun working together! Now she is off to work at Therapy.

Obviously it's all from American Apparel:
white jersey short sleeve tee shirt
sea blue interlock pencil skirt
creme braided jersey belt
wistful opaque over-the-knee cable knit sock
navy boots- thrifted