November 9, 2009

Behind the music

Before I post a new winter/christmas/holiday/rainy day playlist, I thought I'd give you some explanation behind the music I have posted.

1. Ghetto Love- Spinerette
This song is always playing at my work and my coworkers and I became addicted to the song. American Apparel plays VivaRadio and you can listen from home! Some of my favorite playlists come from Maxwell Williams, Subbacultcha!, Mae... Just Mae, Nate Walton & Nathan Brown.

2. Be My Baby- The Ronettes
I was obsessed with Dirty Dancing when I was younger, duh. I would always identify with Baby because she had big hair and a big nose.

3. Hungry Eyes- Eric Carmen
Rest in peace, Johnny Castle.

4. Kiss the Devil- Eagles of Death Metal
My girl Veronica played this for me when I took a visit to Long Beach.

5. Just My Imagination- The Temptations
Always reserve a track on your playlist for the oldies'. It will be a guaranteed success.

6. It's Five- Architecture in Helsinki
I have loved this song throughout all of my teenage years, it doesn't get old.

7. Raindrops- Basement Jaxxx
Another favorite at my work, Jesse and I sing all the time.

8. Dance, Dance, Dance- Lykke Li
I recently bought and iTouch and I engraved lyrics to this song on the back! "I was a dancer all along/ dance, dance, dance" Can't help but "trip on my feet" when I listen to this song. And I am a dancer- so I feel a deep connection. Have you seen the collaboration with Bon Iver? Yum.

9. Such Small Hands- La Dispute
Do you love MewithoutYou? I do. You'll love this band as well. His voice is so sexy.

10. Absinthe Party- Minus the Bear

11. Shit Luck- Modest Mouse
Get down to this song- thrash.

12. Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson
Rest in peace, MJ. The MJ jacket is becoming very popular, check it out on Nana in Los Angeles. Adorb!

13. In for the Kill- La Roux
Another VivaRadio favorite.

14. Pale Blue Eyes- The Velvet Underground
I made a mix for this boy recently, and this was one of the tracks- he has lovely blue eyes :)

15. The Lady is a Vamp- The Spice Girls
When was the last time you watched SpiceWorld? GO WATCH IT NOW! Thank goodness for Netflix Instant.

16. Stay By My Side- Good Old War
A boy sent me this song recently, I fell in love with the album. Very homey and good-feeling. It was nice to watch the video of them standing around and singing on a rooftop in Cali.

17. I've Just Seen a Face- Across the Universe Soundtrack
Love this movie, love Jim Sturgess, there's something sexy about a man that can sing.

18. Never Ever- All Saints
Another Viva track- I love the 90's.

19. Sway- Peter Cincotti
Saw a couple dance to this song- I melted. I think it was in a Brittany Murphy movie.

20. Inmates- The Good Life
I can relate to this song. Got to love great lyrics.


Leave me suggestions of all your favorite holiday/winter songs!

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