December 29, 2009

fashionable facebook friend, featuring emily






What's on your wish list this holiday?
Acid wash jeggings, the leggings that look like jeans, Minnetonka 5 layer fringe boots, some Jeffrey Campbell oxfords, and some band t-shirts.

What was your most memorable gifted piece of clothing?
Two years ago my best friend gave me these black lamé leggings I had been obsessing over. Probably most worn gifted garment.

Who are your fashion influences?
Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, the Olsen twins, many random San Franciscans.


Who are your photography influences?
Richard Avedon and David Hamilton.

Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?
Somewhere in San Francisco being fabulous.

What is your favorite color combination?
Black and brown. Black with anything.


Where is your favorite shop spot?
Wasteland on Haight Street. They always have top vintage and super cute brand new clothing.

What are the top three tracks on your iTunes top played?
Take it Easy, Love Nothing by Bright Eyes, Never Going Back Again by Fleetwod Mac, Close to Me by The Cure

What movie is the most fashionably inspiring to you?
Welcome to the Dollhouse. When I saw this movie when I was little I thought Dawn was the bees knees. When I watched it again a few years ago I was surprised to find out she was supposed to be a loser..


What's your quick fix solution to spice up an outfit?
Messy hair, a long pendant, heels, tons of gypsy rings.

What is your recent most-worn item?
My Bowie shirt! That thing has become my security blanket. Whenever I have no idea what to wear I throw that bad boy on.


a few things i adore about emily:
1. ever changing hair... and it's always cute
2. her make up expertise (i need a lesson)
3. non-conventional way of dressing popular items, patterns & textures
4. her confidence- an essential trait of a fashionista

Do you have any questions for emily?
Post a comment and I'll ask :)

I am now lurking through my facebook fans to feature the fashionable ones.
It's this new idea I'd like to start using for new posts... not just about myself because you can only have so much of me.

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xo esb


Camille said...

Lovely blog!!! This girl is very cute :)

-xo, C

Anonymous said...

cigs r not cute

rebecca said...

this girl is ~meh~

Hannah said...

this chick rocks !