June 21, 2009

Chains substitute braids

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another day at American Apparel:

army big pocket tank
royal blue bandeau bra
creme jersey braided belt
gold plated chain (last photo)
pique bloomers (can't see 'em)
boots: aldo

I was originally wearing the outfit with a brown & gold chain necklace. It's not in these photos, sorry!
My co-worker and I were fooling around with the way I wore the big pocket tank with the braided belt. We wrapped gold chains from armpit to armpit and created a racer-back- not so much my style but it looks cool. It would suit better with black I think.
I think the way the chain weighs the tank down so you can see below my bra is more flattering. Otherwise- the shoulder blades look fat (in the second photo). 
I wore the braided belt with the tank because I wasn't feeling the huge exposed armpits for that day. It makes the dress fit a little bit snug in the front with all the fabric gathered in the back. 
Like it? :D

Check back soon for some dude fashion posts!

June 14, 2009

Finally feels like summer

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floral moo moo: thrifted
asphalt bloomers: aa
coral ice malibu one-piece: aa
snake gladiator sandals: payless

Did some hot tubbing after a hard day's work last night. Putting on my moo-moo made it feel like summer again. I used to wear this to the beach all last summer. It's the best cover-up I have discovered. Really brought back some old memories of last summer:

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I keep wearing the top with short shorts. I'm waiting to get some nice black skinny jeans to wear with the top, maybe a thick elastic belt. It would be so cute with my wedges as well! Don't worry- I'll make it happen :D
Time to make some new memories. Summer is starting- I need to plan a roadtrip this summer, I really want to make it to LA and most especially Disneyland. I need to hit up the Socal beaches, I'm not a big fan of Socal.. but it's been so cold in the Bay Area lately. You can't really tell because it is always so hot inside my work, but the weather has been in the 60's these past weeks. Maybe on my next day off I'll be able to lay out. Cheers to another reason why I miss living in Arizona.

My favorite sweetheart

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American Apparel:
sea blue pencil skirt
black on black sweetheart dress
sheer black tights

This is my favorite way to wear the dress! Like I said before, the sweetheart dress is a little bit too intense to wear all on it's own. So choose the top or the bottom and make an outfit out of it. I saw one pre-pubescent girl try it on and just roll it up to make a top. It didn't look that bad. 
My posts have been sooooo American Apparel lately, but I worked forty hours this week, so I really didn't have too much time off to have a real life or wear anything but AA. 

June 13, 2009

Something different every time

The most conventional ways of wearing the Le Sac dress from American Apparel. I changed styles many times throughout the day:

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Number one (the jumper) is my favorite way to wear it. Pretty lazy and easy to do. What's your favorite?

June 9, 2009

I'll be your sweetheart!

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to show you the sweetheart dress! 
Ugh these are terrible photos but just wanted to give you a look:

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Beware! The dress rides up. 
When I got to work, I bought a pair of black sheer tights, it really helps the dress stay down. 
I also put a silver baby rib cardigan over it:
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I don't really like to wear the dress by itself. One day I wore it with a tee-shirt over, it was all right. My favorite version was wearing it with a sea blue interlock pencil skirt over it. Sorry I don't have a better picture, but I'll be sure to wear the same this again this week and take a good photo- it was really really cute. Here's my store manager and I out to dinner to say good-bye to one of the keyholders already featured
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Now the dress comes with a neon splatter pattern. I'm not so enthused. The mint is pretty cute though.

accessories galore! workday

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navy deep v: aa
asphalt jersey shirred skirt: aa
coral & teal teared necklace: thrifted at buffalo exchange
golden ring necklace: gift from grandmother
creme braided belt: aa
fat coral/orchid floral ring; charolette rousse ($4!)
"tabby" brown & blue sunglasses: charolette rousse ($6!)
creme rose earrings: f21
braided sandals: thrifted & gifted

Cheers to working forty hours this next coming week. I'll try to post my work outfits everyday, a lot of times people come in and ask what I'm wearing- then buy it. I guess that's how retail works. It's so fun to try different things with the clothes. I just learned that I'm getting a summer allowance in the beginning of July so that will be a fun shopping spree. I have to start making a list of what I want to get. I don't even know what I'm going to get.. we just got the Big T-Shirt in white with thin black stripes. It's really cute- they don't have it on the Web site yet, but once they do, I'll be sure to post it on here.

Any suggestions? 
If you got mad credit from American Apparel- what would you buy?

Let's take a vote:
What do you want to see me wear?

Click here to shop AA.
Maybe I'll try all the items on and take a picture wearing them. It could help your decision :-P

June 7, 2009

50 ideas for a dinner date

I'm not saying that I am desperate to date,
 but this got me excited about the idea. 
It's my idea of a perfect date.

And a funny little

Trash at the beach

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black acid wash pique tee shirt: aa
red/navy thermal hoodie: aa
jean short cut offs: a&f diy
braided sandals: thrifted & gifted

Later that same day:

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'too super low' skinny jeans: levis
black boots: gifted
black rose earrings: f21

I took a weekend trip to visit a friend in San Luis Obispo. It was the most fun I've had in a long time, probably since I've been out of school or my last spring break in Arizona.
It's really nice to find time you can spend all by yourself. I did a lot of walking and wandering and eating and reading and thinking all alone.
I found that I can be extremely critical of others when there's no one with me to hold me back. Then I forced myself to see something good in each person I wanted to judge. It worked for a little bit.. I guess.
San Luis Obispo has a lot of small boutiques, there's a Therapy and Ambiance. I'm not really into the boutique thing.
The people in SLO are very laid back, not very high fashion. Lots of scarf and flip flop combos- I absolutely despise it. I vow to never wear flip flops and a scarf in the same ensemble, and you should too!