November 28, 2009

You and your brassiere

Please, no more peeking bras.
See through tops with neutral lacy bras, I'm cool with that.
Bathing suits peeking out of spaghetti straps, all right, maybe.

But I see pictures of these sad little girls at parties
They think their rhinestone/lace/mermaid green bras
peeking out of their top
"sexy," "cute," "matchy," "sassy..."

I have no idea what these girls are thinking
But If you were confused whatsoever:

It's tacky.

If the top is low enough to see your bra:
don't wear one
get a low cut bra
layer with a ruffle top
layer with any top
fix it- period

Oh, & don't even get me started on bra straps with tube tops!

I don't care if it was "an accident," no excuses.
Keep it classy, ladies. Even if you're not a classy lady.


jillian-anne said...

YES! agreed! so tacky.

Anna said...

gosh this makes me laugh. i completely agree also. the peeking bra works sometimes but i hope it doesn't become super trendy in a normal lifestyle because that would be strange and distasteful.