February 23, 2009

Cold nose, warm toes

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black rose earrings: f21
black peacoat hoodie: old navy
black long sleeve jacket: thrifted
blue/green dress: thrifted
black belt: thrifted
fishnet tights: target
brown velvety boots: hand-me-downs :)

Yay for larger photos!!!
This dress is a size 10/12! Normally, it flows straight down to my shins in an unflattering manner. The trick is the belt! I wrapped the belt around my waist and raised my arms so that the slack would bunch above the belt and create the length to shorten in the front. This way- the front is shorter than the back, and I don't feel like a total hoochie. 
Yes, I am still brunette. What a shame. It will happen soon enough.

February 22, 2009

Told you so

She is a fashion goddess. Check the quote on the 2nd page:

I must post my responses to the Academy Awards.

1. I am so over awards for the Curious Case of Benjamin Button/Brad Pitt
2. Sarah Jessica Parker is beautiful, even if she has a "horse face"
3. Will Smith is fucking tight
4. I must have a dress like Penelope Cruz's for my wedding (see photo below)
6. Hugh Jackman can be a hip-hop dancer. And "Musicals are Back!"
7. Everyone has to see Slumdog Millionare!
8. Are Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer dating?
9. Why haven't I seen Milk?
11 Jewel is in the next Dancing with the Stars season!!! (hahah & Shawn Johnson- Rudy!)
12. I miss Reese Witherspoon- where is she? (oh, there she is)
13. Slumdog totally pwnd the Oscars- Danny Boyle has won every award.
14. All of the musical performances were out of this world.
15. "Jai ho!"
16. Queen Latifah still rules
17. I love Maryl Streep forever and ever.
18. Well I guess I have to see "The Reader" now that Kate won the Best Actress Oscar.
19. Michael Douglas is sexy forever.
20. Cederic- return to me and to reality.
21. Sean Penn is a new political figure.
22. Sherlock Holmes, Funny People, Public Enemies, Julie & Julia, The Soloist, Up, FAME!!!, 500 Days of Summer, Amelia, Whatever Works, Inglorious Basterds, Night at the Museum 2!!!, Harry POTTER!!!, Angels & Demons, Old Dogs, The Boat that Rocked, An Education, State of Play

& it's vintage!


Yay for "The Duchess" to win the Best Costume Desgin Oscar, my mother and I cheered from our living room! Check this post to see some of Kiera's beautiful costumes!
Here's a list of all the Academy Award winners!

February 19, 2009

Spring arrivals

Spring already? I'm not ready- I'm still trying to conquer winter fashion! California spring is beautiful- some days are rainy winter days and other days (like today 60 degrees and sunny) are spring days. Oh well, I prefer spring weather anyway- long skirts and rain boots! If only I didn't get rid of my rain boots when I moved to Arizona for college- I wish I kept them now that I'm back in the Bay. 

I must go back to blond very very soon. Here is some motivation to return to my closer-to-natural hair color. I miss my last color!

I absolutely adore Olsen fashion- who doesn't? They always look so good together- I've never seen a photo where their outfits clash. Amazing.

I came across Camilla on TeenVogue's Best Dressed of 2009 & absolutely adore her Alexander McQueen mini. She just appeared in Nylon as well, I'm sensing the bud of a girl crush here. 

February 12, 2009


black long sleeve: old navy
burnt orange blouse dress: thrifted
flats: hand-me-downs :)
black cable knit tighs: h&m
black belt: thrifted
black headband: longs

When I wear this outfit with my wanna-be vintage heels, my boyfriend thinks I look like a witch. When he told me that, I wonder if he realized I've already casted a spell on him :)
My co-worker thought I looked like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Hopefully this outfit a little more modern than Sabrina's 90's wardrobe. I still took it as a compliment. If only I had my cat, Salem.

February 11, 2009

Rainy day never hurt a lumberjack

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beanie: hand-me-down
scarf: home made
plaid longsleeve: thrifted
shorts: old cut ups from a&f
charcoal thermal tights: old navy
gray thigh high socks: aa
navy boots: thrifted

An obvious solution to the rain: boots and a beanie. Of course I only wore this beanie outdoors but it definitely kept me warm in the wind and dry in the rain. I'm sick of wearing tennis shoes, and jeans. So, the shorts legging combo is always a nice alternative. My mom told me I looked kind of ridiculous this morning when I left the house, it was a nice feeling to dress myself again. I'm so scared of losing my originality and the jeans/sweatshirt/vans combo really contributes to that scare. 

Theme of love

I love listening to the rain, watching it and sometimes running in it (if it is summer rain or a monsoon in Arizona). 
But I have never been a fan of hoodie sweatshirts. I wore my asu one to school with vans and jeans on Friday and felt warm but raggedy and not very lady like. 
I am trying to exterminate any sweatshirt wearing for now on and am struggling to find alternatives. The American Apparel hoodie dress I posted previously could be one girly hooded option. My hooded overcoat is lost somewhere after lending it, so I have been depending on an umbrella. 
Tomorrow is a long day full of tests, essays and newspaper deadlines, so I must find an outfit to consider the rain and keep warmth until late tomorrow night for I am expected to spend the evening in the newsroom finishing this issue of my college paper. 

My mom and I have been spending evenings watching Jane Austen movies. Every time I watch I hate Mr. Darcy so much in the beginning, and love him by the end. Jane Austen is amazing. I always fall in love with the hairstyles of the time period, lots of curls and up-dos. Here are a few to melt over:

Kiera Knightley was also wonderful in The Duchess. The fashion was to die for.

February 7, 2009

On the city streets

A few weeks ago I was in SF with my family. It was the first warm day of the season, but I was still wearing an overcoat because I get cold easily. Anyway, I snapped this quick photo because I loved the fact these girls were bearing skin in January. Sorry it's so small, I had to do a serious crop job. 
I prefer the girl on the left's outfit. I'm always partial to blondes, but her dress is a cute pattern and the slits on the sleeves are fun. Plus, adding the boots give they winter vibe. The cut-offs on the right with the airy, white top is just a little bit too early in the season. Optimistic, though. 
The point of this post really goes beyond what they are wearing. You may notice the girl on the left's body is a little bit more filled out than summer girl. So many women and girls think they have to be stick skinny in order to look good or be accepted. I hope they know this is not true. A woman's body is a beautiful blessing in every shape. If you ask me, I think the girl with some booty looks just as good as the thinner one, maybe even better. That could be my childhood insecurities talking, as a child and young adult I was always freakishly skinny, I've always had chicken legs and some sort of upside-down pear shape. So don't listen to me, they are both beautifully shaped women. And they must know it, look at the confidence they have in dressing themselves. 

February 5, 2009

Some pop culture and personal updates

I get so riled up watching Lord of the Rings. I just want to jump into the television screen and live among the Elves. Orlando Bloom is irresistible in this movie! How envious I am toward Liv Tyler and her character's dedication to Viggo Mortensen's. The friendship between Aragon, Gimli & Legolas. The humble understandings between riders and their horses. It all seems too real. Anyway, I can never keep my eyes off of the Elven Leaf Brooches. 

I'm still in the process of getting this job at American Apparel. As a current employee, my sister is telling me corporations (this one in particular) are so terrible to work for and any process such as hiring, raises, promotions, ect. take too long. I see this job as a chance to a) expand my wardrobe! b) learn more about the fashion industry c) get inspired!
Some AA clothing that I am itching for:

I'm planning to study abroad this summer. I've been looking into traveling for years and now is the time to do it. I have a few options so far that I have searched. a) 8 week program in Spain: 4 weeks studying Spanish Language and 4 weeks participating in an internship that I am interested in. b) month program attending summer school at a University in Spain where I study Spanish language and Marketing/Communication classes in English c)Fashion PR (or something along those lines) internship in London. I have not been very interested in studying in London, but I suppose the common language there is a plus. I am intrigued with the Spanish language and am somewhat determined to improve my speaking/fluency.

I love that movie. The new movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" is coming out next weekend! I have to see it. I love Isla Fisher, she is in some of my favorite movies: Wedding Crashers and Hot Rod!
Well, I think that has been enough of a post. I hope you are happy without seeing one of my outfits, dressing for school can either be such a fuss or a quick and easy task. Last week, I had school, work (hostess) and a party all in one day. So I went with the black dress you can see below with a ruffle top, creme leggings and the same boots. Different version of the same outfit I suppose, not worth posting. I was pissed after I wore my new birthday tassle boots to work because they got too worn and dirty from the kitchen. Learned my lesson, I suppose. 
More to come soon!