November 28, 2009

You and your brassiere

Please, no more peeking bras.
See through tops with neutral lacy bras, I'm cool with that.
Bathing suits peeking out of spaghetti straps, all right, maybe.

But I see pictures of these sad little girls at parties
They think their rhinestone/lace/mermaid green bras
peeking out of their top
"sexy," "cute," "matchy," "sassy..."

I have no idea what these girls are thinking
But If you were confused whatsoever:

It's tacky.

If the top is low enough to see your bra:
don't wear one
get a low cut bra
layer with a ruffle top
layer with any top
fix it- period

Oh, & don't even get me started on bra straps with tube tops!

I don't care if it was "an accident," no excuses.
Keep it classy, ladies. Even if you're not a classy lady.

November 26, 2009

Gobble gobble I'm not original

Thrifted dress, penny loafers; h&m cardigan; urban pocket watch; aa tights




My nieces, Angelina (5) and Evelyn (3) are the cutest things ever, right?

Oh, and my ma's Paula Dean!

Accidental color coordination

aa velvet dress, sheer tights; vintage cap & necklace; f21 tights; thrifted liz claiborne pumps

Went out to dinner with some co-workers and friends for Jesse's birthday! He's the one in the Lady Gaga crown- duh.
Jesse helped me realize I need some fur in my life, so I'm on the prowl for a fur cap or coat.
Love my velvet dress for the holiday season. Can't wait to have my dinner parties.
I need to start thinking about a New Years dress, my favorite!

We went to dinner at this place called Coda on Mission in San Francisco.
There's a live jazz band and one crazy woman dancing. So fun.


I had mixed greens in balsamic dressing ($6.oo)
Potato bud seared scallops in a cauliflower puree ($11.oo)
Fried sweet potatoes ($4.75)


Birthday boy in his birthday suit with some fashionistas. Aren't they cute!
I love the buckled bootie heels, zipper bustier and textured tights.
And I see not one, but two old-fashioned key necklaces.

All for now,


November 25, 2009

"Are you going to name this post 'smooth criminal?'"

thrifted blazer, penny loafers, belt; cheap monday pants; aa bodysuit, cableknit socks; f21 hat, broach

Hello, belly button.
Thanks to my sister for taking this photo!

Got the "Russian Red" lipstick at Mac today. I'm finally taking steps toward buying nice make-up.
Went to the mall today (ugh). Tried to buy a pair of studded oxfords I've been eyeing at Aldo for a few weeks.
They didn't have my size in-store so I ordered a pair- can't wait until they come!
I also bought two pairs of Aldo tights and one from F21, plus a holiday satin headband and the broach shown above.
I need to accessorize!

Thanksgiving! Baked a pecan and sweet potato pie tonight.
Can't wait for the turkey, mashed potatoes, pies & FOOTBALL (on a new television) !!!

Holiday outfits are the best!

November 23, 2009

All my life I pray for someone like you

Went to karaoke with my co-workers and friends.


F21 denim; American Apparel halter bodysuit, sheer calf-high polka-dot socks; Marshalls Oxfords; thrifted jewelry
It's been freezing outside so I wore a jacket, not shown.

I was disappointed when I chose "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival and there was a silent rally among my friends. Come on guys, if you don't know who CCR is, we may have to re-evaluate our friendship!!

Most popular tracks from karaoke night with my diva co-workers:
Reflection- Mulan/Christina Aguilera
You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
The Real Slim Shady- Eminem
Material Girl- Madonna
All My Life- K-Ci & Jojo
The Thong Song- Sisqo
Air Force Ones- Nelly
Call Me- Blondie

Video coming soon!


November 18, 2009


Life recently posted the sexiest men of the 50's, 60's & 70's. Here are a few of my favorite photos.
Feast your eyes!:

Kirk Douglas
He gave us the sexiness I name Michael Douglas- thanks, Kirk.

Robert Mitchum
Plays a great cowboy in "El Dorado"

Steve McQueen (with his wife)
Who said marriage can't stay sexy?

John Travolta
He was sexy in his youth. Now I guess he's funny. I'm always on the lookout for my very own Danny Zuko.
(Am I comparable to the great Sandie? Maybe. I can be a little bad.. wear some zipper high-waisted leggings..)

Gene Kelley
Countless favorite musical performances- "Summer Stock" is one with Judy Garland (♥)

Does black and white photography one up the sexy factor? I'd like to say yes.
Who will be the sexiest men of our generation?
Plz don't JUST say Robert Pattinson.

I promise, I will post fashion soon. School= drool.

November 9, 2009

Behind the music

Before I post a new winter/christmas/holiday/rainy day playlist, I thought I'd give you some explanation behind the music I have posted.

1. Ghetto Love- Spinerette
This song is always playing at my work and my coworkers and I became addicted to the song. American Apparel plays VivaRadio and you can listen from home! Some of my favorite playlists come from Maxwell Williams, Subbacultcha!, Mae... Just Mae, Nate Walton & Nathan Brown.

2. Be My Baby- The Ronettes
I was obsessed with Dirty Dancing when I was younger, duh. I would always identify with Baby because she had big hair and a big nose.

3. Hungry Eyes- Eric Carmen
Rest in peace, Johnny Castle.

4. Kiss the Devil- Eagles of Death Metal
My girl Veronica played this for me when I took a visit to Long Beach.

5. Just My Imagination- The Temptations
Always reserve a track on your playlist for the oldies'. It will be a guaranteed success.

6. It's Five- Architecture in Helsinki
I have loved this song throughout all of my teenage years, it doesn't get old.

7. Raindrops- Basement Jaxxx
Another favorite at my work, Jesse and I sing all the time.

8. Dance, Dance, Dance- Lykke Li
I recently bought and iTouch and I engraved lyrics to this song on the back! "I was a dancer all along/ dance, dance, dance" Can't help but "trip on my feet" when I listen to this song. And I am a dancer- so I feel a deep connection. Have you seen the collaboration with Bon Iver? Yum.

9. Such Small Hands- La Dispute
Do you love MewithoutYou? I do. You'll love this band as well. His voice is so sexy.

10. Absinthe Party- Minus the Bear

11. Shit Luck- Modest Mouse
Get down to this song- thrash.

12. Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson
Rest in peace, MJ. The MJ jacket is becoming very popular, check it out on Nana in Los Angeles. Adorb!

13. In for the Kill- La Roux
Another VivaRadio favorite.

14. Pale Blue Eyes- The Velvet Underground
I made a mix for this boy recently, and this was one of the tracks- he has lovely blue eyes :)

15. The Lady is a Vamp- The Spice Girls
When was the last time you watched SpiceWorld? GO WATCH IT NOW! Thank goodness for Netflix Instant.

16. Stay By My Side- Good Old War
A boy sent me this song recently, I fell in love with the album. Very homey and good-feeling. It was nice to watch the video of them standing around and singing on a rooftop in Cali.

17. I've Just Seen a Face- Across the Universe Soundtrack
Love this movie, love Jim Sturgess, there's something sexy about a man that can sing.

18. Never Ever- All Saints
Another Viva track- I love the 90's.

19. Sway- Peter Cincotti
Saw a couple dance to this song- I melted. I think it was in a Brittany Murphy movie.

20. Inmates- The Good Life
I can relate to this song. Got to love great lyrics.


Leave me suggestions of all your favorite holiday/winter songs!

November 8, 2009

Totes Oxford twins

American Apparel high-waisted shorts, long sleeve v bodysuit, sash around neck, beret, polka dot calf socks; thrifted loafers, blazer & belt/ On Jesse: American Apparel button up, cardigan, peacot, slacks, beret, seedstitch tie & glasses

Worn on Black Friday to "support the gays," Jesse and I showed up to work feeling a little bit London for a day. Jesse is one of my co-workers and I ultimately trust him when it comes to fashion advice. He's studying Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute in SF. He helps me with a lot of the store merchandising and he's always my voice of reason of going too overboard ("you should probably take off those glasses") or too under-board ("why aren't you wearing a push-up bra with that?").
Jesse is a lot of fun- he should really have a blog because he goes on crazy adventures and is always at the happening spots in San Francisco. If you want to get to know him or peek at all his happenings, follow his twitter.

Later that night, some coworkers and I went to a hookah bar nearby, Tarboosh. Where I ate tasty beef kebabs and hummus, and attempted to learn how to belly dance- go figure. There was live music and many diverse people singing along in Arabic and clapping. I was all about it- so much fun!


All for now,
<3 esb

November 4, 2009

Eating take-out at the park

F21 felt fedora and blouse, h&m cardigan, cheap monday pants, thrifted boots

When I was younger and starting to get into fashion, I would come to this small park near my house to take "Myspace" pictures of myself. Who didn't do that? I colored my hair funny colors and had terrible hair cuts and wore hoodies with altered skinny jeans and hoop earrings. It's super embarrassing but I don't regret a thing. Anyway, it was when these photos were taken I realized I have had these boots for about four years. They have adapted to my evolving style famously. I believe they are some weird 80's boots- but they are navy-- and therefore-- discreet 80's (?).

I know what you're thinking- that is a Springtime blouse- not fall! So what, I'll break the rules because I love this blouse and I think the bright water-color-like floral print is refreshing in my gloomy winter closet of blacks and browns. Dressed the brights down with some black, maroon and navy and hey- there is a passable winter palette.

November 2, 2009

It's warm for November

AA high waisted pants, composition shirt, circle scarf; thrifted boots, urban sweatshirt bag; sbux asiago bagel and carmel macchiato

It's finally November.
I want sweet potato pie and scalloped potatoes!
I want to hand-crack my assorted nuts, delve into my current novel and sip on hot chocolate.
Get ready for some holiday tunes on my playlist- I'm the best at Christmas and rainy day mixes.
Just watched The Brothers Bloom today- Adrien Brody has the sexiest big shnoz I have ever seen. I want him.
Oh, you should also see the movie- it's hilarious/awkward/witty/slever/mind-boggling/intriguing/ect.

November 1, 2009

"Dope pants"

American Apparel long sleeve bodysuit and disco pants; thrifted flats; urban pocket-watch

I miss you guys- I miss the blogosphere. Sorry it's been so long.
Work has been crazy and I've been too stressed to try to look cute at school.
Plus I'm trying to enhance my social life but mu camera has been out of battery to capture these moments.
Right now I'm eating home-baked cake and watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because it's been weeks since I've watched any Harry Potter!
Jeeeeeeez- Emma Watson is soooo gorgeous! And a Burberry model AND a Brown college student- oh the life.
The Half-Blood Prince DVD release date is December 7th (first on my Christmas list) and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 releases November 2010- CAN'T WAIT!

It's finally November- YAY!
Time for sweet potato pie- I will have to post the recipe because it is delish!