June 4, 2011

Closet Tours, Jenna's Closet

Fresh Influence ventured into Jenna's Closet and her friends help define "Jenna's Style."

April 18, 2011

spring staples



lace raglan, aa
sunglasses, aa
jean jacket, bp
riding pants, aa
alicia pump, rj girl
leather backpack, goodwill

After two mimosas on my 21st birthday brunch, my fur coat and I stumbled into the Mission district Goodwill where this backpack was smiling at me in the doorway. With no hesitation I simply grabbed it, paid for it, stuffed my belongings in it and we haven't separated since. It is now accessorized by a SF Giants pin, I'll show you guys soon.

Anyways, I lived in these riding pants over winter and I believe if this cool San Francisco weather continues, I will have lots of use for them this season. During spring I tend to dress in a lot of black, white & red-- but especially white.

There are a few pieces I'm excited to share with you guys, most from my allowance at work. Lots of chiffon. Lots of floral. Lots of lace. But I am most excited about these new Dolce Vita wedges I got from Fancy French Cologne. I've already decided they are going to be my everyday go-to shoe this summer.

Go Giants!

March 17, 2011

spring fever

Here are a few reasons I'm so excited for spring to arrive:




I went through my closet, packed away the turtlenecks, houndstooth & cableknit sweaters.
As soon as I pulled out my bathing suits, springtime shorts & sandals, I went crazy and logged a bunch of outfits for this spring.

I'm so excited for the 70's influence this season. I need to get my hands on some avocado and coral shades.
Keeping a lookout for nice white tops to accent the coral lipstick I anticipate wearing in a few weeks.

Apparently the forecast says rain in the upcoming weeks, but I don't know if I can wait any longer.
Thank goodness for thigh high socks to cheat spring outfits before spring weather has arrived :)

Lastly, here is my attempt at the pink & green inspiration I posted previously:


March 10, 2011

Spring 2011, pink & green

Spring 2011, pink & green

Full length skirts, pleated chiffon, shift floral dress, wedges, billowy 70's inspired tops, leather accessories

March 7, 2011

fashion, it's in your closet

"Fashion, it's in your closet" is a video featuring a variety of friends and their personal accounts on fashion, daily wear, personal style & what's hot. Not saying we are experts in fashion, but like, we don't need to be. Because fashion isn't just for models and Lady Gaga, it's for anyone that gets dressed in the morning.

If you'd like to learn more about my featured friends, here are a few links.

Josh, trendy
Rebecca, dikey
Gibron, 80's preppy
Sara, not too gross
Zach, no heels allowed
Rob, Rhode Island summer wear
Jenna, 90's summer camp best friend babe

February 23, 2011

seven again


viscose shirt, aa
velvet skirt, aa
floral circle scarf, modcloth
heather grey tights, nordy's
crotchet booties, sway

i feel like a little girl when i wear velvet, i think that's why i love it- or because it is really soft
also- i've had this brassplum jean jacket since i was in fourth grade. best gift ever.

spending lots of time on "fashion: it's in your closet" interviews. getting so excited. should be ready by the end of the month :)

February 16, 2011

closet tours, coming soon

this spring i will be posting a series of videos called "closet tours"
later this month, an introduction video will explain more about the topics covered in the series
but for now, please enjoy the preview video i have posted above

also, if you believe your closet deserves a tour, contact me at esbinfluence@gmail.com

February 6, 2011

walk the marsh




lace raglan, aa
floral circle skirt, thrifted
leather skinny belt, aa
truffle tights, aa
ankle socks, h&m
ankle boots, sway
vintage sunglasses, aa

i've been having a difficult time matching these tights to anything. the color is called "truffle" but they look rusty to me.
every time i wear them, i call my legs "truffula trunks," i think it's hilarious.

california winters never disappoint me. we get rain, then weeks of sunshine, then lots of rain, and then spring.
it's been really lovely weather, up in the 70's and 80's in some parts of the bay.
i feel sorry for you suckers stuck in buckets of snow- how do you function?

February 1, 2011

sunny day





oversized sweater, thrifted
riding pants, american apparel
crotchet ankle booties, sway

fashion cheat:
riding pants are just as comfortable as leggings
they give your ensemble more structure & polish, something i don't believe leggings can do

January 30, 2011

24th street




1920's inspired beaded sweater- empire vintage, palo alto
black crotchet ankle booties- sway, noe valley

it was a drizzly day in san francisco, but the weather did not prevent my sister and i from celebrating my 21st birthday together- finally. she took me to beretta on valencia in the mission district. we feasted on french toast and an omelette while sipping mimosas.

taken by nlb

overall, a lovely saturday afternoon that ended up with a few fortunate finds that i will share with you next post.

January 29, 2011

what you've missed

or- what i failed to post.
if we are facebook friends, you've probably already seen these pictures.

i'm not really a winter season kind of girl. i skip from fall to spring. the winter season is a blur of black- i don't remember much.

my winter consisted of jeans with long cable-knit sweaters, chiffon skirts, thigh highs socks, sweater tights, booties, lots of velvet, my parka and a fur coat. here are a few photos to update you on my past few months:

4th of july, photo by sara

disneyland trip


winter vacation, photo by veronica

winter vacation, photo by veronica

NYE 2011, photo by nlb

21st birthday, photo by kelly bo

21st birthday

coming soon-
a refreshing facelift- fresh influence 2011
special items received for my 21st birthday
outfits featuring items from palo alto's empire vintage and san francisco's minxy.
video introduction to the series of "closet tour" videos- coming spring 2011