June 29, 2010

Golden puppies



thrifted blouse, loafers, satchel; aa zipper shorts; h&m bow clip

Bixby Park, Long Beach, California

Sat in the park and watched the locals play soccer. Did some boy watching. The usual.
My friends & I are boycrazy :)

Dudes-- if you didn't already know: dogs are chick magnets.
Just get a pup and you will get a date. Did you really not already know that? Get on it!

June 28, 2010

Featured on WeLuvLosAngeles

Hey all,

Just got home from my trip to visit a friend in Long Beach.
Can't wait to share my adventures with you.
Spotted Liv Tyler in Hollywood, took a tour of the American Apparel factory and got a lot of beach time in.
Lots of outfit posts soon (I didn't have to wear AA head to toe for five days! Are you excited!?!?!!!)
But for a sneek peek, check out the lovely ladies I met at a trip to the Getty: WeLuvLosAngeles

June 23, 2010

Sweet scandal


aa gloria v, pique skirt, socks; steve madden wedges

Wore it to work, duh.
Bodysuit is a little intense, right? I was in a scandalous mood. Plus it's really comfortable :)

June 20, 2010

Daddy district

h&m cardi; thrifted blouse & vest; aa pencil skirt; tj maxx t-straps

Father's Day! A great excuse to dress nice for daddy, eat good food and have some nice family time. My dad and I met my sister in the Mission for breakfast, where we ate at Boogaloos. I had the nommy French Toast.
It just so happens that Valencia and 24th were shut off to traffic for Sunday Streets. Portions of the city are closed off on Sundays where you can freely roam, bike, skate, dance, whatever!
It was a cool opportunity to walk down the street and watch the crazy bicycle inventions wheel by. Also spotted a lot of cute pups, my family is partial to the Frenchies :)

Here are a few shots of the festivities:




Here we are, happy little family :)


June 3, 2010

Fake lake


Thrifted loafers, calvin klein cut-offs; aa mesh button-up, bra, hairbow

Finally had a bit of a heat wave!
Laid out at the park and read my book.