December 11, 2010

December 2, 2010

i'm alive!

I've missed you! I've missed posting.
Explanations later, but believe me when I say, I will make it up to you!
Keep an eye out for new formatting & lots of new content. Coming 2011.
In the meantime, get all your holiday shopping done!

Here's an outfit I wore to take my mom to see HP (don't judge, I've seen it twice!)



thrifted blazer
aa tops: lawn & lace
jcrew cigarette pants
steve madden wedges

September 28, 2010

Floral with everything



thrifted bongo floral skirt; hanes v-neck; aa cardigan & skinny belt; keds

Having a hard time finding a good photo spot in my new place.
Find this denim floral skirt at a savers. Haven't worn a plain tee shirt in a while, so it was nice to slip into one.
I find myself getting a little over the top with my outfits, so when I have something as outrageous as a floral denim mini-skirt, I forced myself to pair it with something simple. I got a little matchy- there's no stopping me :)
Maybe could have used some baby pink lipstick...

Stay cool!

Hot comic





A friend and I went out to brunch & coffee during hot weather.

Sara's outfit is simple and chic.
This outfit interests me because, although I personally don't like to wear black, I like the way she is wearing it.
See-thru black is lovely mixed with denim.
Also, this watch is a staple in Sara's wardrobe.
I don't normally wear jewelry but once I find a nice simple piece like this- I know I will come to appreciate it.

Nicely done, Sara.

September 15, 2010

Fancy French Cologne

I have been waiting and waiting for Fancy French Cologne to come out with their online shopping site, and they have!
Luckily I got a sneek preview and wanted to share with you the adorable items coming soon to

Why am I suddenly interested in online shopping again, you ask?
Haven't I always just looked at F21 and OU online, but really only shopped at American Apparel because I work there? Wrong.
Fancy French Cologne is owned by two SF girlies that were in a bitchin' band, Finest Dearest.
When I heard they were coming out with a clothing line, I was like "THESE GIRLS RULE!"

Let me give you a peep of what I already have saved in my Wishlist


The Salt + Pepper Blazer has super cute details, nice urban looking sleeves, but it totally still tailored-
hence urban chic!


A Sweater Blazer, why haven't I seen this before? Two staple items in my closet combined in one item!
No more pairing cardigans under Blazers to get the comfort and the structure. This is all-in-one! Gah, love!


Dark Olive Messenger Bag- aren't we always looking for the perfect bag?
But wait- this one is made of 100% man made materials. Even better!


And now, if I were to dress in all black (God forbid!)
I could still have a floral element with this adorable Ashley Clutch.
You know I don't go anywhere without some floral, pastel or grandma-esque item. Problem solved.

So at this point you're all like, "uhh... Erin, why haven't you mentioned anything about the girl in these pictures?"
Silly me! My sister, Nicole is one of the models on the website. Isn't she cute?

you can meet us both at Fancy French Cologne's Launch Party on September 23rd.
RSVP on Facebook! Oh and while you're on Facebook, don't forget to "like" Fresh Influence.

Miss you guys, more soon!

September 3, 2010



american apparel bow, shoes, shorts; thrifted tee, bag; f21 sunglasses

It's been a while. Finally getting back into the swing of things.
More coming soon. But for now- I will entertain you with my constant obsession with pastels and florals.
This one homeless man down my street once yelled "HEY GRANDMAMA" to me. I've sort of adopted that title.

All for now,

August 2, 2010

Live in color

aa button up shirt, skirt, vintage scarf, dance shoes

Hate to bore you with another work outfit, but this is most definitely one of my favorite ones to wear.
Wearing a scarf as a belt is a nice and simple way to make any simple outfit look colorful, polished and complete.
It's also fun to loosely tie the scarf around your neck with blouses. I tried with this outfit but it looked a little girl-scout-y. Trying to steer clear of anything too costumey. Sock might have been nice with this.
Also, hope you noticed that I'm not wearing a stitch of black- it IS possible! It's summer, so now is the time to wear colors

July 15, 2010

Now and then



thrifted floral polyester button up; aa jacket, shorts; keds

Wore this to move some boxes into my new place. Just moved to Noe Valley in San Francisco :)

This outfit was kind of inspired by the costumes in Now and Then (1995)


July 1, 2010

Romp around




thrifted romper, loafers, satchel; aa lace bra

Finally, a trip to the mother ship!
During my trip to LA, a buddy and I visited the American Apparel Factory Headquarters.
I was so excited to walk around the production floors. Got to see all the smiling workers, laughing and chatting away.
It was interesting to see the art of clothes-making. Cutting, sewing and creating high-quality clothing is hard work. It made me appreciate the company I work for. But I won't continue to bore you.

I found this romper at the Buffalo Exchange on 2nd Street in Long Beach for $12. Hollllerrrr!
On the real though, I just want lots of rompers. This one is made out of polyester and is very slinky and free-falling.
These three from F21 are cuuuuute:

June 29, 2010

Golden puppies



thrifted blouse, loafers, satchel; aa zipper shorts; h&m bow clip

Bixby Park, Long Beach, California

Sat in the park and watched the locals play soccer. Did some boy watching. The usual.
My friends & I are boycrazy :)

Dudes-- if you didn't already know: dogs are chick magnets.
Just get a pup and you will get a date. Did you really not already know that? Get on it!

June 28, 2010

Featured on WeLuvLosAngeles

Hey all,

Just got home from my trip to visit a friend in Long Beach.
Can't wait to share my adventures with you.
Spotted Liv Tyler in Hollywood, took a tour of the American Apparel factory and got a lot of beach time in.
Lots of outfit posts soon (I didn't have to wear AA head to toe for five days! Are you excited!?!?!!!)
But for a sneek peek, check out the lovely ladies I met at a trip to the Getty: WeLuvLosAngeles

June 23, 2010

Sweet scandal


aa gloria v, pique skirt, socks; steve madden wedges

Wore it to work, duh.
Bodysuit is a little intense, right? I was in a scandalous mood. Plus it's really comfortable :)

June 20, 2010

Daddy district

h&m cardi; thrifted blouse & vest; aa pencil skirt; tj maxx t-straps

Father's Day! A great excuse to dress nice for daddy, eat good food and have some nice family time. My dad and I met my sister in the Mission for breakfast, where we ate at Boogaloos. I had the nommy French Toast.
It just so happens that Valencia and 24th were shut off to traffic for Sunday Streets. Portions of the city are closed off on Sundays where you can freely roam, bike, skate, dance, whatever!
It was a cool opportunity to walk down the street and watch the crazy bicycle inventions wheel by. Also spotted a lot of cute pups, my family is partial to the Frenchies :)

Here are a few shots of the festivities:




Here we are, happy little family :)


June 3, 2010

Fake lake


Thrifted loafers, calvin klein cut-offs; aa mesh button-up, bra, hairbow

Finally had a bit of a heat wave!
Laid out at the park and read my book.

May 31, 2010







aa zipper pants, lace tee, nude bra, hairbow, nail lacquer; steve madden wedges

Hope you enjoyed a day off, Memorial Day has really lost its original purpose.
Instead of commemorating the soldiers that die fighting, people go shopping. And I am their slave.

Last dance, last chance for love

Photobucket thrifted sequin crop top; aa disco pants; bp jean jacket; steve madden wedges
Saturday nights at the Redwood Roller Rink are "Disco Skate" themed.
They play corny disco songs like Last Dance by Donna Summer and my personal favorite, September by Earth Wind and Fire.
They turn off the house lights and turn on the disco nights, and kids come to skate the night away.
Should be told, it's somewhat of a workout and also really fun with a open-minded group of friends.
Photobucket Photobucket
Excuse the poor quality of my camera phone pictures.
Wish I had more pictures of the rollerdisco to share with you! This won't be my last visit so I've got to brainstorm for more outfit ideas.
We stopped in a sketchy part of town to pick up some beverages, which is where my photo was taken.
Not going to lie- once I took the skates off, I felt like CholaGaga wearing this!