December 11, 2009

The real influence

Hey to new followers!! Up until recently, friends and family were my only followers.
Now that I'm receiving all this lovely attention from outsiders, it's time to introduce myelf.


Where it comes from
The first fashion experience that sticks out in my mind happened circa 2005. I had just started high school and was excited to grow into the person I was going to be for the next four years. A lot of people already knew me, but I felt like I didn't know me. My individuality really grew through two pathways: working hard at my extracurriculars (dance, cheer, yearbook, environmental club, school newspaper, advanced classes) and what I wore to school. Let me back up, I attended a private school for most of elementary, going to public school was a heavenly gift to my creative mind.
Anyway- back to 2005- I hated the sight of Uggs (managed to find a substitute). But I still liked the idea of wearing skirts in the winter... so my immediate solution was legwarmers (I'm on the right). Yes, I was the first to wear legwarmers to school. I got a lot of funny looks and hollow compliments for it. ,The negative responses didn't shake my confidence too bad- so I went with it. I even started a bit of a trend! But don't worry, I converted to anti-legwarmer with age.

Blog name
My entire life I have lived in the suburbs- I'm just another teenybopper! By the time I was sixteen I was planning on attending college far away- somewhere warm, welcoming, and diverse. I believed that my surroundings were not fit for a fashion enthusiast and hoped to find a big city where I could venture into the public eye with my individual style and study my chosen major- journalism. I claimed to my family that I was in need of some new inspiration- some fresh influence.
I chose Arizona State's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. What a mistake! It's a super-suburb! The journalism classes were good though. Anyhow, went home after my first semester and I'm here now, at community college, until I am accepted to a California State School in Fall 2010.

My lately
In community college I worked as the paper's editor in chief and had that experience for six months. Shortly after that I took a short break from school and worked as a Store Manager for American Apparel.
I'm still going to school part-time, where I take journalism classes, and some dance classes.
Now I am studying journalism at San Francisco State University while living in the city.
I'm also interning for a sex & relationships podcast called Sex With Emily (it has changed my life & it will change yours!).

My rules
So sheer, so chic.
Better to overdress than underdress.
Showing bras: not okay! Unless it's a black or nude lacy bra under a sheer fabric. No peeking bras! More here.
In the winter- no bare legs. Tights were invented for a reason- to make short skirts look seasonally appropriate.
No Uggs! EVER! I have these quilted boots that I'm too embarrassed to even wear to the supermarket!
Avoid the zip-up hoodie. I know it's convenient... but try to resist its fleecy goodness.
Easiest ways to polish an outfit: add a hat, scarf, jewelry, showy purse or red lipstick
No extra length, extra distressed jeans. I'm not quite urban enough for that.
Keep within a three shade pallet. Usually, two neutrals and a color. Mix and match for fun.
Footless leggings with flats are only allowed in warm weather. Footless tights are haggard/very difficult to achieve.

So basically
I use this blog to combine all of the above, share my personal style and other styles that I like with you. Sometimes I post inspirational photos because photography is my secret lover. I also do quite a few posts on music, playlists, songs, ect. I am a music snob. I will push my music down your throat and force you to swallow it. I apologize in advance.

Why I like you
Share all your ideas, feedback, music & blog suggestions, crazy stories, trend ideas, anything-- with me

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