January 13, 2009

Zooey Deschanel

just saw "Yes Man" the other night, it was a really fun movie. When I came across these pictures, my heart melted. There's no hating Zooey, there just isn't. She & Him is somewhat disappointing, but a few songs have really grown on me. Like, "You've Really Got a Hold on Me." There are more pictures when you follow the link.

out for sushi

 black dress: c&c, thrifted
suede boots: aldo (a birthday present)
black knit leggings: h&m
belt: thrifted
black v tee: thrifted
black long sleeve carigan: thrifted
black overcoat: target
scarf: hand-me-down from grandma
white rose earrings: f21
hair clip: carved from some type of wood, bought in alaska

I needed to finally get out with some friends for dinner. We both decided on a "hip" sushi restaurant so we had an excuse to dress in something other than jeans and an overcoat (my friend went to the Gilroy outlets earlier that same day so I'm sure she was happy to wear something new).
My pal wore a long overcoat that gave a mod Jackie Kennedy vibe with a black ruffled tank beneath with jeans and black flats.

January 4, 2009

sf weekend #2

Cleaning out my closet this week was the best inspiration to go... SHOPPING! Today my sister and I showed my mother our favorite shopping spots. First, we went to the Haight where we hit many of our regulars. At Buffalo Exchange I bought a maroon long sleeve henley, a scarlet orange silky dress and a white blouse that needs some repairing, hence, worth the entire 4 dollars I bought it with. Next, we headed to Union Square Downtown SF and made stops in H&M, F21, Levi's, and Aldo. I picked out my birthday present: a pair of light brown shin-high boots with two side tassles (I was inspired from the day before). I also got some cute rose shaped earrings at Forever 21.

tee: custom screened AA tee -gift from sister
white tank under: old navy
thermal footed tights: old navy
leg warmers: f21
black jacket: thrifted
lumberjack gray beanie: gift
navy boots: vintage thrifted
green scarf: gift
navy corduroy mini shorts: AA

I never really know what to wear on shopping days. Everything I end up wearing seems to be annoying to take off and put back on. Layers always seems the best way to go so I don't have to take off all my bottoms or all my tops. Basics underneath a cute outfit always works. Tank top and leggings under, half the time I barely had to get undresses.

ps still kind embarassed

January 3, 2009


This one hit close to home.

sf weekend #1

A day at the newly renovated Academy of Science Museum in San Francisco called for no more than a warm outfit to pull me through two hours of waiting in line in the freezing (although clear) weather. My sister, my mom and I are spending a weekend in San Francisco as a family acting as tourists. Nicole and I discovered something we now call "BikeWatch" as she rates hot dads racing by on their "fixies" and me scoffing every time. I did more of a clothes watch and stared at urban wear such as the new trends of shin-high boots (my favorite spotted were chestnut leather with tassels on each out side, I should have snapped a photo) We also played the ABC game naming bands, then movies, and eventually moving on to high difficulty naming TV shows. Guaranteed good time. 

blouse: target (just bought on sale $5)
navy teared jacket: target
black overcoat: old navy
black jeans: levi's
navy boots: vintage, thrifted
belt: thrifted
black fox scarf: urban

I must admit this outfit (as do most of the rest of my clothes) are acquired through my sister's hand-me-downs. I require myself to wear new clothes immediately to prove myself they are wearable. Plus, for some reason, I always believe clothes that I acquire along the same time period always seem to go together best. The tricky thing is to find other ways to wear new clothes with old clothes, don't you think?
Well, this blog- still has lots of room for improvement, habit and routine. Give me time. I learned in my journalism class that you should start posting your material on the internet even when you are still embarrassed by it and continuously improve it. Here goes.