November 1, 2009

"Dope pants"

American Apparel long sleeve bodysuit and disco pants; thrifted flats; urban pocket-watch

I miss you guys- I miss the blogosphere. Sorry it's been so long.
Work has been crazy and I've been too stressed to try to look cute at school.
Plus I'm trying to enhance my social life but mu camera has been out of battery to capture these moments.
Right now I'm eating home-baked cake and watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because it's been weeks since I've watched any Harry Potter!
Jeeeeeeez- Emma Watson is soooo gorgeous! And a Burberry model AND a Brown college student- oh the life.
The Half-Blood Prince DVD release date is December 7th (first on my Christmas list) and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 releases November 2010- CAN'T WAIT!

It's finally November- YAY!
Time for sweet potato pie- I will have to post the recipe because it is delish!


Lillian said...

They look like space pants.
If Barbarella wore pants, these would be them.

Travis said...

Yes, these pants are dope. Actually, they look dope on you. My goodness, you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

These pants would look doper on Jeek!