May 31, 2010

Last dance, last chance for love

Photobucket thrifted sequin crop top; aa disco pants; bp jean jacket; steve madden wedges
Saturday nights at the Redwood Roller Rink are "Disco Skate" themed.
They play corny disco songs like Last Dance by Donna Summer and my personal favorite, September by Earth Wind and Fire.
They turn off the house lights and turn on the disco nights, and kids come to skate the night away.
Should be told, it's somewhat of a workout and also really fun with a open-minded group of friends.
Photobucket Photobucket
Excuse the poor quality of my camera phone pictures.
Wish I had more pictures of the rollerdisco to share with you! This won't be my last visit so I've got to brainstorm for more outfit ideas.
We stopped in a sketchy part of town to pick up some beverages, which is where my photo was taken.
Not going to lie- once I took the skates off, I felt like CholaGaga wearing this!


Liz OT said...

I love those wedges beyond reason.

Travis said...

It's just not fair.