August 2, 2010

Live in color

aa button up shirt, skirt, vintage scarf, dance shoes

Hate to bore you with another work outfit, but this is most definitely one of my favorite ones to wear.
Wearing a scarf as a belt is a nice and simple way to make any simple outfit look colorful, polished and complete.
It's also fun to loosely tie the scarf around your neck with blouses. I tried with this outfit but it looked a little girl-scout-y. Trying to steer clear of anything too costumey. Sock might have been nice with this.
Also, hope you noticed that I'm not wearing a stitch of black- it IS possible! It's summer, so now is the time to wear colors

1 comment:

taletrails said...

I LOVE silk headscarves, I couldn't survive without them! I have a whole drawer stuffed with them, I also find that when you're having a bad hair day they're super handy for wrapping around your head in a bow - then you've got better hair and a better outfit too!