May 25, 2009

Primp and pamper

This is a rather silly and non-conventional post. I got my hair cut a few weeks back. I love the way my hair feels after a hair-cut. So I went on this hair-model-photobooth-frenzy and these were some of my favorites. I don't wear my hair straight often, mostly because it takes too long and is just torture for my hair's health. I was considering letting my natural (ashy blond) color grow in... but it's almost impossible and I hate that strange in-between time where my hair would be half blond half brownish red or whatever. So next step: blond highlights to let my real color shine! The last photo reflects my longing to be able to flip my hair back and have it look perfect. How pathetic! Excuse the silly faces:

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When I surf the blogs, I get pretty sick of feeling so insignificant next to these girls that look like models. I'm always looking for something raw, something I can relate to. Something easily accessible. So, if you share these wishes, I think this post is pretty raw. I have never really longed to model, I'd rather be a person that you can relate to and gain ideas from. So please, feel free to give pleasant feedback, tell me what you'd like to see, or what you don't want to see. I'm happy to get a better understanding of your cravings.
Btw- the flag of this blog is a little misleading, yes? That's another project for after finals.


Jessica Luthi said...

You know how were talking about doing a fashion piece for the first issue of my magazine? Why don't model for it too? I would rather see ordinary people then models. I think people would be able to relate more. What do you think?

Travis said...

You sell yourself short. You have this amazing ability to look like the cute girl next door that I would totally approach, and then you change outfits and you become jaw-droppingly hot, and intimidating.