May 18, 2009

Disco shorts: disappointing.

I was hoping they would fit like this:

But really, they fit like this:

See the difference of exposed butt cheek? I was hoping they would fit me like the navy ones, just below the butt cheek.
My store finally got the black ones today, the smalls are ridiculously small, so the mediums fit me. They fit above the butt (at least on me) and the front crotch is a little more upward angle than straight across the thigh, ya feel me?
I wa so excited about these shorts, now I'm SO disappointed!
Please, let me know if they fit you differently. I'd love to see these in a successful outfit. I mean, I'm sure I could pull them off, but I'd rather not expose my bum. 
When I tried them on, one of my co-workers said: "Ah girl-- When you're wearing those shorts-- I can see into the future. And you are PREGNANT!" I didn't get it at first (as usual because I'm so slow with witty jokes), now I think its HILAR!

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