May 23, 2009

Coming to an academic end

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skinny black, faded, side-zip denim: old navy
black long sleeve: old navy
black sexualitank: aa
silky printed scarf: vintage, gifted
brown victorian bootie heels: 20$ at marshalls :D
ivory rose studs: f21
haircut: $5 at cosmetology

Posts have been scarce due to final exams and my newspaper's last deadline. But like I said, Fresh Influence will be booming with posts this summer. I plan on featuring guests and get-ups from the streets of the city. 
I love wearing black. I know I promised to stay away from all black, but it's easier said than done. All black with a boost of color or pattern is really becoming my essence. 
Posts with sweetheart and new shoes will be up. I think I'll just fake the outfit so I can show you guys, because opportunities to wear it out are slim. Throw a party, invite me, and I promise to wear it (if the occasion is appropriate, of course). I'm hoping my social life with revive this summer- hence, "hawt" outfits will be on the rise.
I am still DESPERATE to see X-Men. Everyone seems disappointed, but how could that be? Hugh Jackman is one of the sexiest men alive!

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Jessica Luthi said...

I can tell you why people are disappointed by X-men, because the film itself was rubbish despite Hugh Jackman's good looks. The worst part of the film, it's lack of truth to the comic from which it was based. But if it's any consolation, Mr. Jackman is sexy as always.