May 17, 2009

Oh, those summer nights

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sea blue interlock pencil skirt: american apparel
black floral blouse: target (on sale!)
heather gray spaghetti tank top: target
braided leather sandals: thrifted gift from sister

I know, I know. I am in love with the interlock pencil skirt! There's so many ways to wear it. I was considering tucking in the blouse and wearing the skirt little bit longer. It looked SO cute but the heat was overwhelming and this wear was a lot more breezy and cool. The weather hit the 90's today, I love this heat! It makes me miss Arizona a lot, but I'm guessing AZ hit the hund-o's today.
It's nice to mix my work clothes with other clothing I can't wear to work. I'm on the look-out for more blouses to match with this skirt. I'll probably get another color of interlock skirt as well.
I bought the black sweetheart dress and wore it with my new wedges this weekend, I'm sorry I missed any photo ops! Don't worry, another night will come and I'll be sure to take the picture.
Finals are starting this week and go until next week. After that, I plan to blog many times a week, so stick around!

Are my photos boring you? I think half the fun of fashion blogs is seeing the outfit— the other half is seeing where the outfit is work. I'll work on that for you guys. Anything to please my readers :D

Thanks for following my blog, and share Fresh Influence with your fashionista friends!

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