May 11, 2009

On the list of to-buys

It's fun working at my store because it gets really slow and we try things on to research fitting.

Black high-waisted twill zip up shorts and black on black sweetheart dress. Both fit me perfectly. Plus- notice they are both black! Of course. 
I love short shorts. There's a new two-tone sweetheart dress: mint on creme- check it out its sooo cute but it hasn't arrived at my store yet. I feel like this is the next two-tone dress fad. Who can forget the two-tone fitted mini dress? Everyone had one of those, except me.

PS my new shoes came- I'm wearing them today (it was a bitch to walk to class) I'll post the outfit sometime. Now back to class :D
The back of my knee is burnt- ouchie!

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Anonymous said...

I WANTT THE PINKISH ONEEE of that dress. hahahah soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeei want to eat it