May 7, 2009

I love those jazz squares

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

black rose earring studs: f21
black Ron tee-shirt: thrifted
DIY denim short shorts: earl jean, thrifted
braided leather belt: borrowed from ma
floral fishnet tights: gift? no idea.
black thigh high socks (hidden): aa
black button-up booties: blowfish
bowler hat: borrowed from senior staff writer

My senior staff writer from one of the previous entires always comes in with a different hat. I'm falling in love and am totally inspired to go on a hat search in all of my future shopping sprees. (One that does not hide my eyebrows-- thanks, Louise!) 
Here is another staffer stealing his style:

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and again, Kimberley is so adorable:

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I'm also all about black, I can't help myself! 
I got a lot of compliments for the Harry Potter tee shirt (yes, i'm obsessed) and the fishnets, I wish I knew where I got them! I've been waiting for the right chance to wear them and this was finally it. 
I'm all about shorts and dresses. I don't like covering up my legs so I'm prone to wear short shorts or dresses. I'll layer on some tights if it's too cold to go bare legged. That's just my personal preference, what's yours?

Still waiting on those new wedges, the weather is starting to get nice and I can't wait to wear a summery set of heels. 


louise said...

the key to pulling off hats is not to let them cover your eyebrows! just sayin (:

esb said...

i know, it's an xl! i am on the prowl for one that fits!