July 1, 2009

Because we're freaks

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Alien at American Apparel :
black/white geometric tee shirt
black high wasited zipper shorts

My last week of working in this block of full-time is upon me! I promise- REAL clothes will be coming soon. All this working is giving me some serious shopping money and I can't wait to share all my purchases soon!
By the way, I went crazy over the Victoria Secret's sale. I bought $150 worth of stuff! Two bikinis, bras, panties, fragrance- I'm so stoked! I keep checking the mail every day. Soon enough my bikinis will come and I will have the time to wear them.
I promise the only think I have been doing is class and work. My astronomy class is at 8am! So my hair has looked like poop for the past few weeks. I'm going to get it done next week and here are hair color ideas I snatched from my favorite ladies of Wildfox:

I am thinking ashy blonde again, with lighter blond at my ends. I could do the second part on my own- I'm sure. And I really want to work on having more of a side-part- like a comb-over. 
I'm desperate for some chic!

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