June 21, 2009

Chains substitute braids

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another day at American Apparel:

army big pocket tank
royal blue bandeau bra
creme jersey braided belt
gold plated chain (last photo)
pique bloomers (can't see 'em)
boots: aldo

I was originally wearing the outfit with a brown & gold chain necklace. It's not in these photos, sorry!
My co-worker and I were fooling around with the way I wore the big pocket tank with the braided belt. We wrapped gold chains from armpit to armpit and created a racer-back- not so much my style but it looks cool. It would suit better with black I think.
I think the way the chain weighs the tank down so you can see below my bra is more flattering. Otherwise- the shoulder blades look fat (in the second photo). 
I wore the braided belt with the tank because I wasn't feeling the huge exposed armpits for that day. It makes the dress fit a little bit snug in the front with all the fabric gathered in the back. 
Like it? :D

Check back soon for some dude fashion posts!


sara said...

i liked this outfit it was very appropriate for the occasion

cb said...

I don't know how it is at your store but at mine taking pictures in the store, especially as obvious as yours with merchandise shown, is a big no no.

But on another note, I love give-aways! I am totally getting that army big tank.

esb said...

interesting, i actually took these pictures to send to the RVG for ways to wear. haha they aren't posetd on the RVG yet, so i guess they didn't like them.. thanks for that heads up :D