July 4, 2009

Sort of patriotic

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Target skinny jeans, Wet Seal frilly sandals, Hanes white tee, thrifted long sleeve button up

I wore this a few days ago (not the fourth) and realized now that it has some patriotic potential. Farmer girl shirt, basic tee shirt, and shoes celebrating the native people of this land. Haha I guess I'm sort of stretching the idea but it could work. And look, red white and blue. 
Everyone in my area headed to Lake Tahoe for the holiday extravaganzas. One year I must go, I miss out on all the fun holiday trips.. I'm working all day for the Fourth, it's kind of a bummer- but I get paid extra so no worries. 
This picture was taken outside of my friend's new place in SF. We bummed craiglist for a free mattress (found a really nice one) and brought some furniture for his new place. It was a fun and physically straining day. I love days off :D

Enjoy the holiday!


sara said...

i thought this said "sort of pathetic"

which would have been funnier

esb said...

it is a good idea because the photo is sort of pathetic. i need to add some SPICE