July 9, 2009

new hair

I have been trying to grow my hair out, but when I went to a new stylist- I told her to cut it however she thinks would look best. 
She did tons and tons and tons of layers. The underneath layer is a V shape and the top layer of hair is an A. It's kind of mullety in the back, but I think that works fine. 
Still waiting to make a decision about the color. I definitely want to get back to my more natural blonde- I'm pretty content now that all those nasty ends are cut off. 
If you live in the Bay Area and are looking for an edgy, adorable hair stylist (in her 20's but with plenty of experience) for a reasonable price- leave me a comment and I can hook that up. My friend suggested her and I'm so excited to go back, she was so down to earth. 

Here are some before photos:

And here is the new haircut:

I know, I know.. there are a ton of photos posted above, but I don't know, I miss you guys and I feel terrible for not posting more often. How is everything? What do you want to see on my posts? I've got another NON-American Apparel outfit post soon!

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