February 11, 2009

Theme of love

I love listening to the rain, watching it and sometimes running in it (if it is summer rain or a monsoon in Arizona). 
But I have never been a fan of hoodie sweatshirts. I wore my asu one to school with vans and jeans on Friday and felt warm but raggedy and not very lady like. 
I am trying to exterminate any sweatshirt wearing for now on and am struggling to find alternatives. The American Apparel hoodie dress I posted previously could be one girly hooded option. My hooded overcoat is lost somewhere after lending it, so I have been depending on an umbrella. 
Tomorrow is a long day full of tests, essays and newspaper deadlines, so I must find an outfit to consider the rain and keep warmth until late tomorrow night for I am expected to spend the evening in the newsroom finishing this issue of my college paper. 

My mom and I have been spending evenings watching Jane Austen movies. Every time I watch I hate Mr. Darcy so much in the beginning, and love him by the end. Jane Austen is amazing. I always fall in love with the hairstyles of the time period, lots of curls and up-dos. Here are a few to melt over:

Kiera Knightley was also wonderful in The Duchess. The fashion was to die for.

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1285 said...

i love mr. darcy...i always used to watch those jane austen movies with my mom and aunt.