February 23, 2009

Cold nose, warm toes

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black rose earrings: f21
black peacoat hoodie: old navy
black long sleeve jacket: thrifted
blue/green dress: thrifted
black belt: thrifted
fishnet tights: target
brown velvety boots: hand-me-downs :)

Yay for larger photos!!!
This dress is a size 10/12! Normally, it flows straight down to my shins in an unflattering manner. The trick is the belt! I wrapped the belt around my waist and raised my arms so that the slack would bunch above the belt and create the length to shorten in the front. This way- the front is shorter than the back, and I don't feel like a total hoochie. 
Yes, I am still brunette. What a shame. It will happen soon enough.

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