February 19, 2009

Spring arrivals

Spring already? I'm not ready- I'm still trying to conquer winter fashion! California spring is beautiful- some days are rainy winter days and other days (like today 60 degrees and sunny) are spring days. Oh well, I prefer spring weather anyway- long skirts and rain boots! If only I didn't get rid of my rain boots when I moved to Arizona for college- I wish I kept them now that I'm back in the Bay. 

I must go back to blond very very soon. Here is some motivation to return to my closer-to-natural hair color. I miss my last color!

I absolutely adore Olsen fashion- who doesn't? They always look so good together- I've never seen a photo where their outfits clash. Amazing.

I came across Camilla on TeenVogue's Best Dressed of 2009 & absolutely adore her Alexander McQueen mini. She just appeared in Nylon as well, I'm sensing the bud of a girl crush here. 

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