February 7, 2009

On the city streets

A few weeks ago I was in SF with my family. It was the first warm day of the season, but I was still wearing an overcoat because I get cold easily. Anyway, I snapped this quick photo because I loved the fact these girls were bearing skin in January. Sorry it's so small, I had to do a serious crop job. 
I prefer the girl on the left's outfit. I'm always partial to blondes, but her dress is a cute pattern and the slits on the sleeves are fun. Plus, adding the boots give they winter vibe. The cut-offs on the right with the airy, white top is just a little bit too early in the season. Optimistic, though. 
The point of this post really goes beyond what they are wearing. You may notice the girl on the left's body is a little bit more filled out than summer girl. So many women and girls think they have to be stick skinny in order to look good or be accepted. I hope they know this is not true. A woman's body is a beautiful blessing in every shape. If you ask me, I think the girl with some booty looks just as good as the thinner one, maybe even better. That could be my childhood insecurities talking, as a child and young adult I was always freakishly skinny, I've always had chicken legs and some sort of upside-down pear shape. So don't listen to me, they are both beautifully shaped women. And they must know it, look at the confidence they have in dressing themselves. 

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