February 5, 2009

Some pop culture and personal updates

I get so riled up watching Lord of the Rings. I just want to jump into the television screen and live among the Elves. Orlando Bloom is irresistible in this movie! How envious I am toward Liv Tyler and her character's dedication to Viggo Mortensen's. The friendship between Aragon, Gimli & Legolas. The humble understandings between riders and their horses. It all seems too real. Anyway, I can never keep my eyes off of the Elven Leaf Brooches. 

I'm still in the process of getting this job at American Apparel. As a current employee, my sister is telling me corporations (this one in particular) are so terrible to work for and any process such as hiring, raises, promotions, ect. take too long. I see this job as a chance to a) expand my wardrobe! b) learn more about the fashion industry c) get inspired!
Some AA clothing that I am itching for:

I'm planning to study abroad this summer. I've been looking into traveling for years and now is the time to do it. I have a few options so far that I have searched. a) 8 week program in Spain: 4 weeks studying Spanish Language and 4 weeks participating in an internship that I am interested in. b) month program attending summer school at a University in Spain where I study Spanish language and Marketing/Communication classes in English c)Fashion PR (or something along those lines) internship in London. I have not been very interested in studying in London, but I suppose the common language there is a plus. I am intrigued with the Spanish language and am somewhat determined to improve my speaking/fluency.

I love that movie. The new movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" is coming out next weekend! I have to see it. I love Isla Fisher, she is in some of my favorite movies: Wedding Crashers and Hot Rod!
Well, I think that has been enough of a post. I hope you are happy without seeing one of my outfits, dressing for school can either be such a fuss or a quick and easy task. Last week, I had school, work (hostess) and a party all in one day. So I went with the black dress you can see below with a ruffle top, creme leggings and the same boots. Different version of the same outfit I suppose, not worth posting. I was pissed after I wore my new birthday tassle boots to work because they got too worn and dirty from the kitchen. Learned my lesson, I suppose. 
More to come soon!

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