August 20, 2009

Lame lame lame

I know it's been forever since I have posted anything of substance.
My cameras (note the plural) were stolen at at party. I am too careless.
I am looking to replace them with some credit card points I was gifted at Christmas.
I start school today. Right now I'm at the quad of my Community College, waiting for my dance class to start in an hour. It's nice not to be rushed but I sincerely hope I don't see any of the new hotties I've met because I look like poop.

American Apparel black ankle leggings
White Hanes V-neck Tee shirt
American Apparel cranberry thermal lined hoodie
White Espirit moccasins

You know, these ones. I have been wearing them practically every day this summer.
I'm so sorry this post is so lame.

If you have any digital camera suggestions- lay them on me.

All for now,


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