June 9, 2009

I'll be your sweetheart!

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to show you the sweetheart dress! 
Ugh these are terrible photos but just wanted to give you a look:

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Beware! The dress rides up. 
When I got to work, I bought a pair of black sheer tights, it really helps the dress stay down. 
I also put a silver baby rib cardigan over it:
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I don't really like to wear the dress by itself. One day I wore it with a tee-shirt over, it was all right. My favorite version was wearing it with a sea blue interlock pencil skirt over it. Sorry I don't have a better picture, but I'll be sure to wear the same this again this week and take a good photo- it was really really cute. Here's my store manager and I out to dinner to say good-bye to one of the keyholders already featured
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Now the dress comes with a neon splatter pattern. I'm not so enthused. The mint is pretty cute though.


maya said...

ahhhh ! that dress looks so good on you, i hope you bought it.

and quick question about sfsu/sf in general...do a lot of students live in the on campus apartments? i'm scared i won't make friends !
and...what are some fun, typical things to do on the weekends there (i'll be 21 when i move there)

esb said...

Hey girl! I love your comments :D
Yeah welll because sfsu is a big commuter campus, not so many students live on campus. It's mostly out of state and lower-classmen living there. It's still a good time, you know how dorms are, esp the apartments (they are so nice!)
I can't wait to live in sf when i'm 21- there are so many bars and clubs, you almost HAVE to be 21 to go out at night in sf. There's always something to do. There are so many little districts and spots to explore. The one thing is- sfsu is on the other side of the city, so hopefully you don't mind taking public transit. The buses and muni system in SF is not that bad.

Caroline Robianto said...

heyy i saw your blog on chictopia's page on facebook ;D hihi anyway is the dress from Miss Selfridge? i really want that kind of dress :D hihi

check out my blog too if you dont mind :D have a nice day!!

esb said...

Oh i totallly forgot to mention it, the dress is from American Apparel. I'll check you out, girl :D