April 26, 2010

Lady on the street

aa lace unitard, shorts, tee, berry nailpolish; thrifted belt & loafters; nars "gipsy" lip color

While running for some Tutti Melon before my shift started, a 60-year-old woman passed me and said, "Woooo nice legs! Look at those!!" I was shocked by this response because usually older woman give me the stink-eye when I'm wearing lace.
And THEN- a bald man carrying a ton of Banana Republic (sigh) bags said, "nice outfit." In the NON-sarcastic way.
What? Could it be? Genuine compliments? How lovely!
So easy so say I felt really confident wearing this.

Of course this confidence was shattered by constructive criticism What I Wore Today goers commented on my outfit- but forget the haters and love who you are, that's what I believe (or in this case, what you wear).

These penny loafers are ready to expire- they are tattered, water damaged and worn.
But I simply can't give them up- they are comfortable, conveniently match this belt and have a spot in my heart.
So ignore the nasty loafers in this photo, I suppose.

So- unitards.
WEIRD!!! Right? Sure they are.
But I'm happy to say they are so comfortable!
When I get home, I like to lounge around my room in this unitard, it's a great confidence booster :)

Special thanks to Rob for taking my photo!

April 25, 2010

Real girls eat pizza

By the way, I am obsessed with wearing this damn bow in my hair.
I don't mind looking like an obnoxious twelve-year-old, it is too adorable!


April 22, 2010

Riding dirty



aa riding pant, lawn tee, cardigan; f21 headband; thrifted penny loafers; NARS gipsy lip color

Still not sure how I feel about these pants.
The color is lovely, they are SO comfortable and pretty slimming.
But that extra slab of fabric on the knee doesn't really serve a purpose, and I'm all about purpose.

What do you think?

April 11, 2010

Weird so weird



Thrifted Ann Taylor vest, boots, satchel; American Apparel dress, concrete opaque tights; f21 fishnets, headband; Nars dragon red lip color

On a very bizarre night of my life, I agreed to tag along with friends to see a buddy DJ and electronic set in a local dive bar. Little did I know I would be surrounded by suburban ravers in bandanas with party cups in a half-empty room. Should be told, I was impressed by the talented suburban kids with hip-hop skills. All together, a pretty decently hilarious night.