April 22, 2010

Riding dirty



aa riding pant, lawn tee, cardigan; f21 headband; thrifted penny loafers; NARS gipsy lip color

Still not sure how I feel about these pants.
The color is lovely, they are SO comfortable and pretty slimming.
But that extra slab of fabric on the knee doesn't really serve a purpose, and I'm all about purpose.

What do you think?


henry miller said...

those pants are super cute you wear them well

sophie said...

i like the pants, fuck tha haters! (saw your post on wiwt2). going to follow your blog on bloglovin x

Writing the Ship said...

I think you look awesome! I love love love those pants and the crop top. SO PERFECT. would wear it in a second. I wish those pants were not so expensive :(