April 26, 2010

Lady on the street

aa lace unitard, shorts, tee, berry nailpolish; thrifted belt & loafters; nars "gipsy" lip color

While running for some Tutti Melon before my shift started, a 60-year-old woman passed me and said, "Woooo nice legs! Look at those!!" I was shocked by this response because usually older woman give me the stink-eye when I'm wearing lace.
And THEN- a bald man carrying a ton of Banana Republic (sigh) bags said, "nice outfit." In the NON-sarcastic way.
What? Could it be? Genuine compliments? How lovely!
So easy so say I felt really confident wearing this.

Of course this confidence was shattered by constructive criticism What I Wore Today goers commented on my outfit- but forget the haters and love who you are, that's what I believe (or in this case, what you wear).

These penny loafers are ready to expire- they are tattered, water damaged and worn.
But I simply can't give them up- they are comfortable, conveniently match this belt and have a spot in my heart.
So ignore the nasty loafers in this photo, I suppose.

So- unitards.
WEIRD!!! Right? Sure they are.
But I'm happy to say they are so comfortable!
When I get home, I like to lounge around my room in this unitard, it's a great confidence booster :)

Special thanks to Rob for taking my photo!


shannon. said...

Ooo, I had been wondering if those unitards were comfy or not... I want oneee! It looks great. :)

Anonymous said...

where is the link for what i wore 2day wanna c

esb said...

the link is embedded but the community may be closed to members only. you should join! it's fun to comment on other outfits, etc. http://community.livejournal.com/whatiworetoday2/