March 19, 2010

Slurpees and shorts

I have been desperate for summer these past few weeks with all the dreary rain and overcast mornings. Finally this week has been 65 degrees or higher. I even caught myself breaking a sweat while driving today and thought it must be time for-- SLURPEES! I can't believe I paid two dollars for ice and syrup in a cup but I guess once I quenched my thirst it was worth it.

AA high-waisted shorts; thrifted cropped blazer and shoes; f21 blouse; betsey sunglasses

I was desperately looking for some outside activity today and someone to enjoy it with. I got frustrated after my fifth call concluded with another "I have work soon" (and silly me, I'm the workaholic) so I took it upon myself to lay in the sun in my backyard and read. I got exhausted from the heat after an hour- so now here I am.

I'm not going to lie, I was reluctant to bare my winter legs so soon in the season, but in the end it wasn't too painful. I found myself running my fingers along my thigh just to feel the soft skin again- yay for continuing to moisturize during the winter!

Happy to be back in the blogosphere.
Thanks to all the loyal followers that have continued to tune in while I so ashamedly neglected you.

xoxo esb

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Ariel said...

That's a fabulous jacket.