October 7, 2009

Taking a step away from "lame"

I started making this list for myself because I found myself waiting near my phone too often (and I just watched "He's just not that into you" and felt pathetic). Then I realized it's sort of general and maybe you all would enjoy these activities as well.

1. Stay in bed & do homework in your underwear!

2. Apply your personal style to every "normal" item. yeah spice up that ugly jansport backpack with rhinestones or superglue feathers to that ugly headband!

3. Find that artist or album you've always wanted on mediafire- I think music should be free (for the most part). This could lead to some lastfm excursions and learning opportunities. (Add me on lastfm- username xeeerin)

4. Gather your friends in the back of a truck with lots of blankets and do some candlelit out-loud reading, play card games and eat marshmallows.

5. Make cookie dough- eat it. But bake one batch of it to share, you fatty!

6. Online shop (keep wallet out of sight if need be).

7. Clean out your closet again. You don't wear all of those clothes!!!

8. Create future outfits (this is really only if you're willing).

9. Manicure/pedicure party with a season of THE OC.

10. Make a dent in that list of NOVELS YOU WANT TO READ.

11. Practice music conduction and time signature dictation with the new music you downloaded.

12. Make playlists for ALL YOUR FRIENDS, esp. the ones you want playlists from.

13. Explore the blogosphere, of course!

Feel free to share any of your ideas in a comment :D

1 comment:

hydora said...

lol i do alot of that except maybe 1, 2 and 4 haha. found this from the what i wore today lj comm XD great blog you have here!