October 6, 2009

A little bit more me

If you are trying to take a step away from "lame," here's a good start.

Apply your personal style to every "normal" item. Yeah spice up that ugly jansport backpack with rhinestones or superglue feathers to that ugly headband!

For my project I used:
ugly black jansport backpack
bottle of stencil spray
sparrow stencil
pair of scissors
cut up old rag

1. Choose the placement of your stencil.


2. Cover areas you don't want sprayed


3. Spray chosen area from 6-10 inches away


4. Let dry for one hour & remove stencil


5. Voila!


My spray paint blobbed a bit, so I took a sharpie and covered the spray spots that weren't meant to be sprayed. No biggie :D

I've always hated wearing backpacks- always feel frumpy and a little bit too much like everyone else. Some of my friends have patches & what not on their backpacks, but I can never decide on one to advertise- so this was my solution. Hope it works out for you :D

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