April 21, 2009

Winter legs

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

denim button up dkny dress: thrifted
white moccasins: thrifted

The outfit is a little too simple and one dimensional to be "fashionable," it was too hot to wear the green cardigan!
This is my favorite summer dress- too bad it stretched by the end of the day- I love the way it hugs my body when it's fresh out of the dryer.
Excuse the rosy cheeks- it was 85 degrees today! This heat wave is so out of the blue and I absolutely love it. I love fashion- but the less clothes I have to wear- the better!!!
I need to find some new ways to make my outfits look exciting and not so boring. Any ideas appreciated- what do YOU want to see?

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I bought AA's circle skirt- I love the look and it works for me, but I think the skirt is too loud to wear outside of work. I haven't worn it out so I'm going to exchange it for something a little more... modest? Love the over-the-knee socks.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
New boots! Got them on sale at Delia's for $40! Holler. They sit just below my knee so I've worn them with thigh high socks + shorts and shiny leggings to work. Sorry I haven't got a better photo. As soon as they arrived at my doorstep I took a quick shot in my jammies. A little bit of leg never hurt anyone. : )


Anonymous said...

i want to see the boots from the side! also simple is always in fashion

esb said...

no problem! ugh- once again- sorry about the crappy pictures. i'll post an outfit with the boots once it starts to cool off.