April 12, 2009

Spring break!

So I went to a few parties in SF during my spring break before I was off to Arizona. 
Here are some party pictures I salvaged into fashion photography- so sad, I know.

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Everyone has to pull off this look at some point- band-bad-ass-could-care-less-rocker chic!

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I love that my two best friends are wearing almost the same dress in two different ways. The girl on the left wore her hair carelessly down with white high-top Chucky T's. THe girl on the right pulled her hair back in a polished bun, intelligent eye-make up and classy black flats.
I LOVE the two personalities and the different fitting outfits to match!

As for me...
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I went a little crazy with some crazy dress I found in the back of my closet and my "everyday" boots. The braids in my hair are hard to see- but they really helped with that exotic feel the dress exerts. I originally went with grey tights, but some girl power kicked in and I went bare legged! Love it!

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