March 23, 2009

Wozniak can cha cha

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purple long sleeve: f21
scarf: vintage from grammy :)
hooded button down vest dress: wet seal
navy legging tights: aa
gray thigh high socks: aa
tassel boots: aldo

I am such a nerd! I posed for this top picture because my newspaper is attending a journalism conference in the capitol this weekend and all the editors attending are supposed to send in a photo for some slideshow- here's mine. I'm so excited to go and learn tons more about newspaper writing, managing a staff, organizing a paper, ect. Hopefully I will meet and network with people interesting in magazine and fashion writing!
The bottom photo is just some awkward pose that I set up in my mom's bathroom- sorry, the sun had already set so I couldn't provide a beautiful outside shot like the ones before.
I'm so sorry I haven't updated sooner, the newspaper has taken over my life- seriously. It's a great responsibility that will hopefully come with even better benefits, even PAST the learning experience.
I will be heading to Arizona for my spring break in a few weeks- can't wait to break out the shorts & bikini! I have some intense ab work outs to do before then. 
I have been wanting to post cute outfits from the street- but I always forget to carry my camera everywhere and maybe a business card so featured fashionistas have a reference to where they will be posted. So look out for some of that in the future- it should be easy to do over summer when I finally have my OWN TIME! :)
Now back to Dancing with the Stars- I'm addicted!!

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