March 26, 2009

Blubbering employee

So I guess it's obvious now from these pictures- I'm working at American Apparel. Of course I need to be dripping AA hipster style head to toe- so the first clothing i acquire are the basic leggings and deep v tee. The one shiny pair of leggings I got are the asphalt- later (after taking these pictures) I realized they resemble blubber. I think I would make a cute harbor seal.
Sorry about the frowns, I was not having the best of week.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

scarf (everyday): vintage
black rose earrings: f21
tri-orchid deep v tee: aa
asphalt shiny legging: aa
black thigh high socks: aa
tassle boots (everyday): aldo

I'm trying clothes on all the time- so I'll try to update you with new looks and fitting deets. Not like a press release or anything, just some experience accounts.
Journalism conference tomorrow- YEE!


Anonymous said...

wearing the same boots and scarf in all your pictures doesn't really make a fashion statement.

Anonymous said...

Actually it does...

it's good to know how to wear the same pieces of clothing differently.

esb said...

that's a totally valid point and i'll keep that in mind. can't wait for my new boots to come in the mail- get excited! :)