February 9, 2010

Trying to be a girl

I go through food phases, we all do.
The reoccurring question is "what should I buy for lunches this week?"
or "what have I been leaving out of my diet?"
I'm constantly searching for new snack-to-go ideas or quick, small meal ideas.

Recent grocery items
fresh tossed greens
raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing
string cheese
chocolate soymilk

I have been actively working toward becoming a better girl by increasing girly habits.
Right now I'm working on washing my make-up off every night, moisturizing, flossing every night, wearing make-up, wearing lipstick(!) and organizing my closet.
The past few weeks I have been begging my friends to give me beauty advice.
A lot of products were suggested and I'm going to share the ones I have been happy with so far.
Special thanks to Sara & Brooke!

Recent beauty items
tutti frutti floss
botanics day moisture lotion
opi "you don't know jacques" nail lacquer
-wearing this nail color in photos below
american apparel "office" and "rose bowl" nail lacquer
seche vite top coat
nars "roman holiday" lipstick
-wearing below, & almost every day
mac "russian red" lipstick
burt's bees pomegranate oil lip balm




I finally got out of my bed on a Friday night!! This somewhat hideous sequin top appeared at the bottom of my closet and I was inspired to wear it out. I wore it with high-wasted pants and pumps to a place on Mission Street for their "emo night."
Ended up having a fun time with my sister :)


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Liz OT said...

Loving everything you bought, especially the nail colour you're wearing!