September 13, 2009

Raaaaaaaspberry beret


American Apparel navy disco pant, grey summer shirt, olive circle scarf, grey beret; Bongo bootie heels from Marshalls

I am learning hats with my hair is so ideal. With curly hair, it's easy to get terrible bed head or even just a bad hair day. Love this wool beret, didn't irritate my forehead until 12 hours later, when it was finally time to take the hat off.

This outfit was fun, comfortable and easy to wear. The pants are a big hit at my work with the young and old. They are soooo comfortable, I can't even begin to explain how much I love wearing them. Someone at Starbucks said my pants were "dope!" I really hope he was being sincere.

I'm sick of this community where everyone underdresses. It makes judgement so much more inevitable.
Please people, if you aren't going to dress yourself-- please do not stare and judge others that do, thank you very much!


Lindsey said...

Are those your converse in the banner? They are so freaking awesome, I want some :O

esb said...

yes those chucks are so awesome. my friend scored them at a thrift store and i convinced her to let me buy them off of her. they are SO rad! no idea if they are limited edition or what. they are a thrift blessing!

Anonymous said...

They look smashing on you. Have been checking them out att aa netstore. Going to London soon and then I´m going to try them!!!