January 4, 2009

sf weekend #2

Cleaning out my closet this week was the best inspiration to go... SHOPPING! Today my sister and I showed my mother our favorite shopping spots. First, we went to the Haight where we hit many of our regulars. At Buffalo Exchange I bought a maroon long sleeve henley, a scarlet orange silky dress and a white blouse that needs some repairing, hence, worth the entire 4 dollars I bought it with. Next, we headed to Union Square Downtown SF and made stops in H&M, F21, Levi's, and Aldo. I picked out my birthday present: a pair of light brown shin-high boots with two side tassles (I was inspired from the day before). I also got some cute rose shaped earrings at Forever 21.

tee: custom screened AA tee -gift from sister
white tank under: old navy
thermal footed tights: old navy
leg warmers: f21
black jacket: thrifted
lumberjack gray beanie: gift
navy boots: vintage thrifted
green scarf: gift
navy corduroy mini shorts: AA

I never really know what to wear on shopping days. Everything I end up wearing seems to be annoying to take off and put back on. Layers always seems the best way to go so I don't have to take off all my bottoms or all my tops. Basics underneath a cute outfit always works. Tank top and leggings under, half the time I barely had to get undresses.

ps still kind embarassed

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